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Ridge Racer 6


Car Modifications

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Advanced Races 1-4 and 8Body Colors
Finish Advanced Races 4,8,12-16Unlimited Nitrous
Finish Advanced Races 4-7 and 13.Wheel Colors

Contributed By: dasviolator.

DJ Heihachi

Finish Races 96, 99-101, 104,105,111 and Special Race 1 to unlock Tekken's Heihachi as the DJ voice.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Races 96, 99-101, 104,105,111 and Special Race 1DJ Heihachi

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Ending Movie

Finish Special Race 38 to unlock the ending movie

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Special Race 38Ending Movie

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Mini Game

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish races 77, 102-111PacMan Mini Game

Contributed By: Geezote.

Reiko Nagase's Messages

To unlock Reiko's messages, you'll have to complete the following World Xplorer routes with a machine that you've won after racing in an Online Battle(you receive a new machine everytime you participate in 10 online races).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Basic Route #11 with an online won car.Reiko's Message #1
Complete Basic Route #69 with an online won car.Reiko's Message #2
Complete Special Route #26 with an online won car.Reiko's Message #3
Complete Advanced Route #12 with an online won car.Reiko's Message #4
Complete Final Route #4 with an online won car.Reiko's Message #5

Contributed By: KiySeph.

Secret Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
win 100 online battles100 online battle victories
unlocked after driving over 10000 miles or 16000km16000km/ 10000 miles driven
unlocked after driving over 1000 miles or 1600km1600km/ 1000 miles driven
win 200 online battles200 online battle victories
unlocked after driving over 500 miles or 800km800 km/500 miles driven
earn every car in world xplorer and earn all online cars by racing in 230 online battles (you don't have to win)All Machines - Complete
beat the pac-man raceEat 'em Up
complete the final routeFinal Battle
beat the angelus on special route 35Heavenly Messenger
beat the crinale on special route 32Master Exorcist
beat the monstrous on special route 38Monster Slayer
Complete Basic Route No. 108 in World Xplorer without using nitrous.No-Nitrous Victory 1
complete advanced route 06 without using nitrousNo-Nitrous Victory 2
complete advanced route 15 without using nitrousNo-Nitrous Victory 3
complete advanced route 18 without using nitrousNo-Nitrous Victory 4
complete special route 25 without using nitrousNo-Nitrous Victory 5
Win Single Race with all combinations of courses and machine classes without using nitrous.No-Nitrous Victory: Single Races
Win all 235 races.Xploration Complete

Contributed By: kryptin, WackyB, and Llamaman2.

Special Tracks and Routes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Race 96Advanced Route
Finish Special Race 21Duel Route
Finish Race 111Expert Route
Finish Master Race 17Final Route
Finish Special Race 29Masters Route
Finish Advanced Races 8-12, 16-19 and Basic Races 73-77, 106-108Mirror Courses
Finish Basic RouteSpecial Tracks

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Unlockable Cars

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Special Race 3213th Racing Crinale
Finish Expert Race 9AndorGenesis EO
Finish Duel Race 17AndorGenesis Prophetie
Finish Expert Race 18ArkBird EO
Finish Expert Race 7ArkBird MeltFire
Finish Special Race 15Assoluto Pronzione
Finish Duel Race 15Astaroth Fiera
Finish Races 6,17-29Astaroth Meltfire
Finish Special Races 1-3, 7-15,30 and Basic Race 111AstaRoth UltraNova
Finish Duel Race 20Bosconian Bisonte
Finish Race 42Burningforce Highjack
Finish Races 49,52-55,58-61,78-90BurningForce Meltfire
220 MatchesClass 2 - Galaga EO
Finish Expert Race 2CyberSled StarNose
Complete 20 Online RacesCyberSled UltraNova
Complete 20 Online RacesCybersled Ultranova (Special)
Finish Races 42,64,68-77CyberSled WildGang
Finish Races 26, 30-32, 35,36,42,62-64,68 and 69Derota Abeille
Finish Expert Race 16Derota Meltfire
Complete 40 Online RacesDigDug Hijack
Finish Race 16Dragonspirit Wild Gang
Finish Races 61,64-67,70,71,77, 97-99,102-104Electosphere Hijack
Finish Duel Race 11Erusea Raggio
Finish Expert Race 5FinalLap StarNose
Finish Expert Race 13FinalLap Wild Gang
Finish Special Races 25-28Galaga Goo
Finish Duel Race 24Galaga Raggio
Finish Races 32,52, 56-67Galaxian EO
Finish Races 23, 26-32, 50-52, 56 and 57Galaxian Hijack
Finish Races 16,26,33-42Gaplus EO
Finish Races 3,4,5,6,8,9,10 and 11Gaplus Fatalia
Finish Master Race 12General Resource Terrajin
Finish Due Race 2Grobda Abeille
Finish Special Race 9Himmel 490B
Finish Special Race 35Kamata Angelus
Finish Expert Race 11Kantaris Abeille
Finish Race 6Klik Starnose
Finish Special Race 6Mappy Goo
Finish Races 7,8,9,10 and 13Mappy Wild Gang
Finish Race 23Mitsurugi Meltfire
Finish Duel Race 22MokuJin Esperanza
Finish Special Race 38Monstrous
Finish Final Race 5Monstrous (3rd)
Finish Races 23,43-55Nebulasray Abeille
Finish Races 61,84-96 and Special Race 1Nebulasray EO
Finish Duel Race 13NebulaSray Hijack
Finish Duel Race 4NebulaSray Prophetie
Complete 30 Online RacesNeneko Meltfire
Finish Duel Race 7NightRaven Bisonte
Finish Special Races 6,19,22,23,25,26NightRaven Pronzione
Successfully complete the Pac-Man Route #1 Race/Duel.Pac-Man car
Score over 15,000 points in the Pac-Man mini-game.Pac-Man Route #1 Race/Duel
Finish Race 49Pac-Man Wild Gang
Finish Expert Race 14Phantomile StarNose
Finish Races 6,10,11,12,16,24,25,26,33 and 34Phelios Fatalia
Finish Race 111Phelios Fatalita
Finish Special Race 12Phelios Ultranova
Finish Master Race 17Phozon Angelus
Finish Races 1,2,3,7 and 8Phozon Fiera
Complete 10 Online RacesPopka Wild Gang
Complete 10 Online RacesPopka Wild Gang (Class 1)
Finish Special Races 20-24Quox's 490B
Finish Duel Race 6Quox's Bayonet
Finish Duel Race 26Sheonite Hijack
Finish Races 10,12,13,14 and 15Shootaway Fatalia
Finish Master Race 15Soldat Crinale
Finish Race 84Solvalou Fatalita
230 MatchesSpecial - Monstrous 'B'
Finish Special Races 12-18, 30-36StarBlade Bass Cruiser
Finish Duel Race 19StarBlade Bayonet
Finish Race 32Starluster EO
Finish Race 96Starluster Fatalita
Finish Special Race 18Terrazi Terrajin
Finish Special Race 3WarpMan Bass Cruiser
Finish Duel Race 9ZasaLamel EsperRanza
Finish Expert Race 4ZasaLamel Wild Gang
Finish Races 61,91-101Zolgear Meltfire

Contributed By: dasviolator, ShadowsDieAway, nozomik, and sephirosuy.