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Sonic the Hedgehog


Last Episode

To Unlock the Last Episode, beat Sonic's Episode, Silver's Episode, and Shadow's Episode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Sonic's Episode, Shadow's Episode, and Silver's EpisodeLast Episode

Contributed By: Bryan199227.

Music Unlocks

Upon completing each story, you unlock that specific characters theme in the Audio Room

UnlockableHow to Unlock
100% The Last EpisodeElise's Theme - My Destiny
100% Shadow's EpisodeShadow's Theme - All Hail Shadow
100% Silver's EpisodeSilver's Theme - Dreams of An Absolution
100% Sonic's EpisodeSonic's Theme - His World

Contributed By: metalmadnessx and Sonicteam998.

Unlock 'Extras' Menu

Complete either Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100% to unlock the Extras menu on the main menu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100%Audio Room
Complete Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100%Theater Room

Contributed By: HarroSIN.

Unlockable Characters

Meet certain requirements in Sonic's story to unlock Shadow and Silver's stories.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 'Crisis City' with SonicShadow The Hedgehog
Complete 'Silver The Hedgehog' boss battle with SonicSilver The Hedgehog

Contributed By: HarroSIN.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Super Sonic Obtain the all moves.Blue Phantom (20)
Meet all the requests with magnificent skill.Dark Hero (50)
Complete all the tasks given as agent.Elite Agent (40)
Collect all the Soleanna legendary Gold Medals.Gold Medalist (50)
Overcome all trials and accomplish a great feat.Legend of Soleanna (100)
Unlock the complete ending to the last hidden story.Nights of Kronos (60)
End the last hidden story.One to Reach the End (20)
Obtain all the power to save the future world.Psychic Soldier (20)
Clear Shadow Episode!Shadow Episode: Cleared (30)
Clear unlocked Shadow difficult level mission.Shadow Episode: Completed (40)
Clear all unlocked Shadow ACT Missions with Rank S.Shadow Episode: Mastered (60)
Clear Silver Episode!Silver Episode: Cleared (30)
Clear unlocked Silver difficult level mission.Silver Episode: Completed (40)
Clear all unlocked Silver ACT Missions with Rank S.Silver Episode: Mastered (60)
Collect all the Silver Medals scattered around Soleanna.Silver Medalist (50)
Solve all the mystery in Soleanna.Silver The Liberator (40)
Reveal all the secrets with your ultimate power.Silver The Savior (50)
Solve all the problems swiftly.Soleanna's Blue Wind (50)
Solve all Soleannans' problems.Soleanna's Hero (40)
Clear Sonic Episode!Sonic Episode: Cleared (30)
Clear unlocked Sonic difficult level mission.Sonic Episode: Completed (40)
Clear all unlocked Sonic ACT Missions with Rank S.Sonic Episode: Mastered (60)
Resurrect the ultimate power from the lost memory.Ultimate Life Form (20)

Contributed By: Llamaman2.