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Tenchu Z


Foreign (or Army clothes)

When you complete the game you get foreign clothes, they are actually army clothes, not very much more to say than that. (Note - the foreign shoes will say boots instead of foreign) (Sorry if it is hard to understand you only have to beat the game once).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the gameForeign set 1 (white)
Beat the gameForeign set 2 (green)
Beat the gameForeign set 3 (forest camo)
Beat the gameForeign set 4 (winter camo/red)

Contributed By: MegaManZ0.

How to Unlock the Special Costumes

The Special Costumes comes with a Lion Costume (Face), a Hotdog (Sheath), and a Kite and Flag (Accessory).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Eliminate 50 TomikichiSpecial Costumes

Contributed By: RecoN1090.

Lurk and Feet Abilities

Perform 1000 Stealth Kills and these two abilities will be unlocked at the end of the mission you were performing.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Perform 1000 Stealth KillsLurk and Feet Abilities

Contributed By: BLATSPLAT.

Unlock the Modern Army costume.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all 50 missionsArmy costume

Contributed By: Fortune.

Easter Eggs

Extra Mission Complete Poses

By pressing a direction on the D-pad after you complete a mission but before the "Mission Complete" message pops up on the screen, you will do an alternate pose. There are 4 alternate poses, one for up, down, left, and right.

Contributed By: lookadumbgser77.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Complete all normal missions with Ninja 5 rank! Ninja 5 All Normal Missions (40)
Clear 1 secret mission.1 Secret Mission Cleared (20)
Complete 10 missions with Ninja 5 rank!10 Ninja 5 ranks (20)
Defeat 100 enemies with Stealth Kills!100 Stealth Kills (30)
Defeat 1000 enemies with Stealth Kills!1000 Stealth Kills (50)
Clear 2 secret missions.2 Secret Missions Cleared (20)
Defeat 20 enemies with Stealth Kills!20 Stealth Kills (20)
Clear 3 secret missions.3 Secret Missions Cleared (30)
Complete 30 missions with Ninja 5 rank!30 Ninja 5 ranks (20)
Defeat 300 enemies with Stealth Kills!300 Stealth Kills (30)
Clear 4 secret missions.4 Secret Missions Cleared (40)
Clear 5 secret missions.5 Secret Missions Cleared (50)
Complete 50 missions with Ninja 5 rank!50 Ninja 5 ranks (30)
Defeat 50 enemies with Stealth Kills!50 Stealth Kills (20)
Defeat 500 enemies with Stealth Kills!500 Stealth Kills (30)
Defeat 700 enemies with Stealth Kills!700 Stealth Kills (40)
Clear the story.Cleared Story (50)
Kill 10 Tomikichi.Killed 10 Tomikichi (20)
Kill 20 Tomikichi.Killed 20 Tomikichi (30)
Kill 30 Tomikichi.Killed 30 Tomikichi (30)
Kill 40 Tomikichi.Killed 40 Tomikichi (40)
Kill 5 Tomikichi.Killed 5 Tomikichi (20)
Kill 50 Tomikichi.Killed 50 Tomikichi (50)
Clear up to mission 10.Mission 10 Cleared (20)
Clear up to mission 20.Mission 20 Cleared (30)
Clear up to mission 30.Mission 30 Cleared (30)
Clear up to mission 40.Mission 40 Cleared (40)
Clear up to mission 5.Mission 5 Cleared (20)
Clear up to mission 50.Mission 50 Cleared (50)
Complete all easy missions with Ninja 5 rank!Ninja 5 All Easy Missions (30)
Complete all hard missions with Ninja 5 rank!Ninja 5 All Hard Missions (50)

Contributed By: Llamaman2, bobby190, and Guard Master.