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Fight Night Round 3


Unlock All Venues

You can enter this in the create champ mode as the first name,then save.

NEWVIEWAll boxing boards will be unlocked

Contributed By: MacMittens.


Fight Night Round 3 Achievements List

Accomplish these tasks within the game to earn gamerpoints.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win The BK Invitational Fight.1. Burger King Achievement - 100 points
Win the Dodge sponsored fight.2. Dodge Achievement - 100 points
Win any EA SPORTS sponsored fight.3. EA SPORTS Achievement - 150 points
Win any ESPN Friday Night Fight event.4. ESPN FNF Achievement - 150 points
Win any ESPN Pay Per View fight event.5. ESPN PPV Achievement - 150 points
Win any ESPN Wednesday Night Fight event.6. ESPN WNF Achievement - 150 points
Win the Everlast sponsored fight7. Everlast Achievement - 100 points
Win the Under Armour sponsored fight.8. Under Armour Achievement - 100 points

Contributed By: xmagxus.

Madison Square Garden Venue

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win a match at the Madison Square Garden VenueMadison Square Garden Venue

Contributed By: wwesniper.

Unlock Ko Rey Mo

To unlock hidden characters, beat them in career mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat him in career mode under the light heavy divisionKo Rey Mo

Contributed By: mattdude37.

Unlock The Burger King to be your Trainer

Beat the Burger King Event on Career Mode. Then next time you select a Trainer to....train with just keep going down past the $50,000 trainer and he'll be selectable as a trainer. He also gives you Heart when you fight.

Contributed By: _Elite_Bushido_.

Unlock the Staple's Center Venue

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win At The Staple's Center in career modeStaple's Center Venue

Contributed By: Covert_Death.

Unlockable Boxing styles from ESPN Classic mode

Beating boxers in ESPN Classic mode will net you different boxing/defense styles for your effort.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Joe Frazier with Muhammed AliBully Style
Beat Joe Frazier with Muhammed AliHook Master Style
Beat Muhammed Ali with Joe FrazierJudge Jab Style
Beat Jermaine Taylor with Bernard HopkinsPhilly Shell Defense
Beat Roy Jones Jr. with Bernard Hopkins/James ToneySinister Cross Style
Beat James Toney with Roy Jones Jr.Slickster Style

Contributed By: dejectedgeek.

Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Create a boxer with the last name YAXKUKMO and complete, or have previously completed the Burger King sponsored bout in career mode to unlock.Rey Mo and Burger King Trainer - Light Heavyweight

Contributed By: Smackdowner1.