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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II


Unlockable Heroes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win 10 capture and hold games.Avatan
complete the whole good campaigne.Brerthor
Win 10 resource race gamesCelebrim
Win 10 hero vs. hero gamesFelek
Win 10 king of the hill gamesFhaleen
complete first level of good campaigne with all bonus objectives.Hadhood
complete level eight of good campaigne with all bonus objectives.Idrial
complete level one of bad campaigne with all bonus objectives.Krashnack
complete level four of the good campaigne with all bonus objectives.Maur
complete good campaigne with no heroes dying.Mektar
Win 10 versus games.Ohta
complete level eight of the bad campaigne with all bonus objectives.Olog
complete level four of the bad campaigne with all bonus objectives.Thrugg
complete the whole bad campaigne.Tumna
complete evil campaigne with no heroes dying.Urulooke

Contributed By: LOTR_BFME_II.



Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.

Complete Good Dol Guldur with all bonus objectives.Assault Dol Guldur (30)
Complete Good Campaign.Captains of the West (25)
Win 1 Capture and Hold game.Capture and Hold (15)
Win 10 Capture and Hold games.Capture them all!!! (30)
Complete Good Ettenmoors with all bonus objectives.Cleanse the Ettenmoors (10)
Complete Good High Pass with all bonus objectives.Clear the High Pass (5)
Complete Evil Mirkwood with all bonus objectives.Commandeer the Old Forest Road (10)
Complete Evil Campaign.Cover the Lands in Darkness (25)
Complete Evil Rivendell with all bonus objectives.Crush Rivendell (30)
Complete Good Erebor with all bonus objectives.Defend Erebor (20)
Complete Good Rivendell with all bonus objectives.Defend Rivendell (5)
Complete Evil Grey Havens with all bonus objectives.Demolish the Grey Havens (5)
Complete Evil Lorien with all bonus objectives.Destroy Lothlorien (5)
Win 10 Resource Race games.Entrepreneur of Middle-earth (30)
Win 10 Versus games.General (30)
Win 1 Single Player Skirmish game.Good Practice (5)
Lose 10 Multiplayer matches in a row.In need of a lesson (0)
Purchase first player power.Istari Power (5)
Win 10 King of the Hill games.King of Kings (30)
Win 1 King of the Hill game.King of the Hill! (15)
Win 1 Resource Race game.Middle-earth Financier (15)
Win 10 Hero Vs Hero games.My Heroes are better than yours (30)
Win 1 Hero Vs Hero game.My Heroes!!!! (15)
Complete Evil Erebor with all bonus objectives.Pillage Erebor (20)
Complete Evil Fornost with all bonus objectives.Ravage Fornost (10)
Complete Good Blue Mountains with all bonus objectives.Reclaim the Blue Mountains (10)
Complete Good Celduin with all bonus objectives.Rescue Celduin (15)
Complete Evil Shire with all bonus objectives.Scour the Shire (10)
Complete Good Grey Havens with all bonus objectives.Secure the Grey Havens (10)
Win 1 Versus game.Sergeant (15)
Complete Good Campaign without a Hero dying.Servant of the Secret Fire (80)
Complete Evil Campaign without a Hero dying.Servant of the Shadow (80)
Complete Evil Withered Heath with all bonus objectives.The Dragons of Withered Heath (15)
Win a game against someone 20 places higher than you.The Hobbit and the Troll (50)
Lose to someone ranked 20 places below you.Try a tutorial (0)

Contributed By: Crazy Jezus.