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Cloning Clyde



Complete each achievement to get the gamer score.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Become a Frog-ClydeAbsurd Amphibian (10)
Become an Ape-ClydeAncestorial Antics (14)
Play Versus modeBattle Addict (12)
Become a Sheep-ClydeBecoming Baaaad (8)
Become a Mutant-ClydeD.N.Ain't (16)
Complete levels 1 - 24 and 10 Challenge levels under par timeDupliclone Dash (18)
Exit 75 clones through the ventilation shaftsFoolish Freedom (20)
Collect 50 of the cloned Killer Kenn Action FiguresKenn Collection (15)
Collect 100 of the cloned Killer Kenn Action FiguresKiller Kudos (25)
Complete all of the Super-Challenge LevelsKing Clyde (20)
Complete the GameMaster of all Clyde-Dumb (30)
Become a Chicken-ClydePoultry Party (12)

Contributed By: Drunky.


There are two gamerpics in the game that you can unlock after beating certain levels. It will tell you when the gamerpic is unlocked unlike other games.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Training levelsChicken Gamerpic
Complete all levels (including bonus levels)Clyde Gamerpic

Contributed By: Reason316.

Unlock Mutant Clyde

To unlock Mutant Clyde, simply beat all levels under par time.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all levels under par timeMutant Clyde

Contributed By: shadow_92.