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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy


Different Characters

Enter the following password to unlock the characters for purchase in Free Play Mode.

VFR800Admiral Ackbar
SYK967Anakin Skywalker (Ghost)
UCK868Beach Trooper
BEN917Ben Kenobi's ghost
VHY832Bespin Guard
WTY721Bib Fortuna
HLP221Boba Fett
BNC332Death Star Trooper
TYH319For white beard Extra
YZF999Gamorean Guard
NFX582Gonk Droid
SMG219Grand Moff Tarkin
YWM840Han Solo with hood
MMM111Imperial Guard
BBV889Imperial Officer
VAP664Imperial Shuttle Pilot
CVT125Imperial Spy
HUF729Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
SGE549Palace Guard
BVX872Princess Leia (Prisoner)
CYG336Rebel Pilot
EKU849Rebel Trooper from Hoth
NBP398Red noses on all characters
CL4U5HSanta hat and red clothes
GBU888Skiff Guard
HHY382The Emperor
HDY739TIE Fighter
NNZ316TIE Fighter Pilot
QYA828TIE Interceptor
NAH118Unlock Greedo
JAW499Unlock Jawa
YDV451Unlock Sandtrooper
PEJ821Unlock Tusken Raider

Contributed By: sephirosuy, ffmasterjose, pool of jello, chods70, and Cybro_Camel.


Lego Spigot

Once you have unlocked all 99 gold bricks by getting all the minikits, true jedi on every level on free play, story and you have done all the bounty hunter missions and the bonuses in each chapter, you can head outside of the cantina. Walk around until you find the pile of gold bricks, build them and then you will have an unlimited supply of lego studs. This is very useful for unlocking everything in the cantina.

Contributed By: auronnova.



Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.

Complete Bespin without dying.Bespin - undefeated. (20)
Complete all of the Bounty Hunter Missions.Bounty Hunter missions complete. (40)
Complete Carkoon without dying.Carkoon - undefeated. (20)
Complete Cloud City Trap without dying.Cloud City Trap - undefeated. (20)
Complete Dagobah without dying.Dagobah - undefeated. (20)
Complete Death Star Escape without dying.Death Star Escape - undefeated. (20)
Complete Death Star II without dying.Death Star II - undefeated. (20)
Complete Echo Base without dying.Echo Base - undefeated. (20)
Complete Endor without dying.Endor - undefeated. (20)
Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.Episode IV complete. (50)
Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.Episode V complete. (50)
Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.Episode VI complete. (50)
Complete Facon Flight without dying.Facon Flight - undefeated. (20)
Complete everything in the game.Game 100% complete. (180)
Complete 20% of the game.Game 20% complete. (20)
Complete 40% of the game.Game 40% complete. (40)
Complete 60% of the game.Game 60% complete. (60)
Complete 80% of the game.Game 80% complete. (80)
Complete Hoth Battle without dying.Hoth Battle - undefeated. (20)
Complete Jabba's Palace without dying.Jabba's Palace - undefeated. (20)
Complete Jedi Destiny without dying.Jedi Destiny - undefeated. (20)
Complete Jundland Wastes without dying.Jundland Wastes - undefeated. (20)
Complete the LEGO City level.LEGO City complete. (50)
Complete Mos Eisley without dying.Mos Eisley - undefeated. (20)
Complete Rebel Attack without dying.Rebel Attack - undefeated. (20)
Complete Rescue the Princess without dying.Rescue the Princess - undefeated. (20)
Complete Secret Plans without dying.Secret Plans - undefeated. (20)
Complete the first level of the game.Secret Plans level complete. (20)
Complete Speeder Showdown without dying.Speeder Showdown - undefeated. (20)

Contributed By: Crazy Jezus.