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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Unleash The Cheats

Below are some codes that can entered at the "Input Code" Screen.

OSSUSAll databank entries unlocked
KATARNAll Force Powers Unlocked and Maxed
ADEGANAll saber throw ranks unlocked
JOCASTAAll Talents Unlocked
LIGHTSABERAmplified Damage
RAGNOSCombo Unlock
TK421WHITEGets you a white empire soldier in your costumes list
MINDTRICKMakes levels mirrored.
EXARKUNMaximum Force Push. Note: disables saves and may block some unlockables
SAZENNew Combo
MASTERMINDPlay as Emperor
MANDALOREPlay as General Rahm Kota
PROTOTYPEProxy skin code
BLACKHOLEShadow-Trooper costume
TK421BLUEStorm-Trooper commander costume
HURRIKANEUnlock all Lightsabre Crystals
ADEGANUnlock Lightsabre throw
MARAJADEUnlocks a New Combo
SOHNDANNUnlocks all 32 costumes
MOLDYCROWUnlocks All Force Combos
VICEROYUnlocks Bail Organa Costume
DANTOOINEUnlocks Ceremonial Jedi Robes
LEGIONUnlocks Clone Trooper costume
PHOENIXUnlocks Incinerator Trooper
HOLOCRONUnlocks Jedi Adventure Robes
WOOKIEEUnlocks Kento's Robes
YADDLEUnlocks new combo
FERRALUnlocks Scout Trooper Costume
SITHSPAWNUnlocks Sith Master Difficulty
SNOWMANUnlocks Snowtrooper
BRUTALSTABUnlocks the devastating Lightsaber Impale.
KORRIBANUnlocks the Sith Stalker Armor

Contributed By: nwobutme, Snake11759, Dane_J, XxWargazmxX, tailxamy, bahamut15, kampher231, JimmyChalice, gtamaster44, Super_Ganny, assassin349, Sao_Bilious, BabyDragon31, SagradoLeon, bxdominirican18, DAFFY643, CARysma, janusd7, arc125, TLG6669, and rosco_pk22.


ENABLE save game WITH cheats on

The game cannot be saved when non-costume codes are enabled. To bypass this, enable the code on a level that has an auto-save point. After reaching that location, intentionally die or press Start. Exit to the main menu then select "Continue". You can now manually save the game with that code still active.

Contributed By: Tsuruke.


DLC Achievements

Playing the game and meeting specific requirements to unlock 7 new achievements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Use the large globe to kill 10 enemies in the museumAs the World Turns(30)
Defeat the trials without the sphere turning redGet A Grip(30)
Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Lord DifficultyJedi Knight(30)
Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Master DifficultyJedi Master(40)
Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Warrior DifficultyPadawan(30)
Defeat the training room in less than 2 minutesRobot Parts(30)
Complete Jedi Temple - Appretice DifficultyYoungling(30)

Contributed By: flufffy.

Sith Master Difficulty

To unlock the Sith Master difficulty, simply complete the game once.

Contributed By: Renamon.