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Unlockable Arenas

Below is a list of arenas and how to unlock them

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat James Storm in Story mode.Armoury arena
Accumalate 420,000 Style Points.England Arena
Become the X Division Champion in Story mode.Freedom Center arena
Defeat the Motor City Machine Guns in Story mode.Japanese arena
Win the Mexican Gauntlet Match in Story mode.Mexican arena
Defeat Kurt Angle in Story mode.Vegas arena

Contributed By: T0by_the_great.

Unlockable Wrestlers

Below is a list of wrestlers and how to unlock them

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win Abyss In Story Mode Story mode Part 6Abyss
750,000 SPAfro Thunder
350,000 SPBenny the Clown (from Story Mode, Chapter Two)
Beat Team 3D in storyBrother Ray
Earn 250,000 Style PointsDon West
Win your tag match in story mode.Eric Young
Beat Jay Lethal in story modeJay Lethal
Win Jarrett In Story Mode Part 6Jeff Jarrett
Beat him in story modeKevin Nash
400,000 SPLenny The Clown
Earn 200,000 Style PointsSenshi
Beat Sonjay Dutt in story mode.Sonjay Dutt
Complete story mode, and Suicide is unlocked after the credits are finished.Suicide
Beat Tomko and AJ Styles in story modeTomko

Contributed By: Goldburg, gameovertna, mightymark182, palecurve, Turelus, 8o8HighSt8, dylanisbored, Ollie The Magic Bum, RedDevil2007, and ThunderFist.