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Alien Hominid HD


Unlockable hats

To unlock each hat do the following Note: you must finish the level for it to unlock just doing the task isn't enough

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat 3-2Area 51 agent hat
Beat 1-5Black Afro
Beat 1-2Blond Wig/Pearls
On hard, jump off the spaceship before the screen fades after beating the final bossBrown Hair
In 2-5, kill 7 birdsBrown Hat
Beat 1-3Brown Wig/Pearls
Beat 1-3Chef Hat
In 1-3 destroy "Castle of Crap" buildingConical purple hat
1-1 with gore offCrown of Flowers
Beat 2-3Daisy-petal
Beat 3-4 on hardJester's Cap
In 1-4 destroy "fish are like plants" buildingJheri Curl
Beat 2-1KGB Agent hat
In 3-5, get to final boss (don't have to win)Nurse Cap
1-1 destroy "Hairy Mommy Daycare"Pirate Hat
Beat 3-2 on hardPrivate Eye hat
Beat 1-4Red Bandana
In 1-4 destroy the Behemoth-logo building(must be out of tank)Rooster Hat
1-1 with gore offStove Pipe Hat
2-2 on hardTiara
In 2-4 dig/suffocate before riding snowmobileYellow Shark Fin

Contributed By: locdog517.



Do the following task to unlock the following achievements and their alloted gamerscore.

Complete the Game on Medium Difficulty.Adult Alien (15)
Complete level 1-1 of the game.Alien in Training (5)
Destroy 25 buildings during one game.City Destroyer (10)
Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty.Expert Alien (20)
Head bite 50 enemies witout touching the ground or firing.Head Chomper (20)
Eat 50 KGB Agenst with the Yeti.Hungry Yeti (10)
Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty.Juvenile Alien (10)
Kill 1000 enemies during one game.Killing Spree (15)
Unlock all of the 31 hats that are in the game.Mad Hatter (20)
Defeat the final boss without using a continue.Perfect Flight (30)
Surive any challenge mode for 20 minutes.Survivalist (15)
Reach 5000 Km in Super Sovjet Missile Master.WMD (20)

Contributed By: marvelfan25.