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Cheat Codes

At the main menu screen hold LB and enter the code, then release LB. You should hear a sound to confirm you entered the code right.

AABAUnlocks challenge map 2
BYAXUnlocks Don's big head goodie

Contributed By: ffmasterjose.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Complete Level 13.All is Forgiven (68)
Complete Level 12.Bite Me! (64)
Complete a level without taking damage.Clean Sweep (50)
Complete Level 4.Cowabunga Carl Getaway (32)
Do a co-op move combination attack.Family Unit (15)
Complete Level 8.Foot Trail (48)
Get your first coin.Get Your First Coin (15)
Complete Level 1.Mystical Jungle (20)
Complete Level 6.Ninja Tag Time (40)
Complete Level 14.Ninjas in the Crypt (72)
Complete Level 11.O Brother Where Art Thou (60)
Complete Level 5.Spirit of the Forest (36)
Complete Level 3.Techno Ninjutsu (28)
Complete Level 7.The Game is the Foot (44)
Complete Level 15.The Mysterious Leader (76)
Complete Level 9.Tower Power (52)
Used Don's special move.Used Dons Special Move (30)
Used Leo's special move.Used Leo's Special Move (30)
Used Mike's special move.Used Mike's Special Move (30)
Used Raph's special move.Used Raph's Special Move (30)
Complete Level 2.Vigilantism (24)
Complete Level 10.When the Slime Comes (56)
Complete Level 16.Winter's Secret (80)

Contributed By: Llamaman2.