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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty


Bonus Codes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on any difficulty.Double Health Regeneration Rate
Complete the game on any difficulty.Infinite Ammo
Complete the game on any difficulty.Infinite Grenades

Contributed By: Sajaa.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Kill 15 enemies in a row by grappling them on any difficultyClingy (25)
Kill 50 enemies in the campaign on any difficultyCombat Experience (10)
Kill 250 enemies in the campaign on any difficultyCombat Veteran (25)
Complete any mission with an accuracy of 80% or higher on Normal or higher difficultyDead-eye (50)
Help defend the barricade in New York on Normal or higher difficultyDefender (20)
Save the Constitution from being burned on Normal or higher DifficultyDolly Madison Award (20)
Complete 40 environmental or grapple kills on any difficultyEnvironmentalism (15)
Kill at least Four enemies with one explosion on any difficultyExploding Monkey (20)
Finish a multiplayer game.First Time for Everything (5)
Rewire an Atom Bomb on Normal or Higher difficultyGoing Nuclear (30)
Toss a paratrooper onto the streets below New York on any DifficultyGravity is a Harsh Mistress (5)
Rescue General Donnelly from the D.C. courthouse on Normal or higher difficultyI Saved the General (20)
Oust the false President from office on any difficultyImpeached (30)
Get 100 ranked match kills in any modeKiller (20)
Get 500 ranked match kills in any modeKiller Instinct (30)
Kill 10 enemies in a row with a headshot on any difficultyMaster Sniper (35)
Get 2500 ranked match kills in any modeMaybe I Should Go Outside… (40)
Win an 8-player ranked or player match in Team Deathmatch mode with the highest scoreMVP (30)
Meet up with the rescue team in Washington, D.C. on Normal or Higher difficultyNeed a Ride? (20)
Fall to your death during a multiplayer gameNext Time Take the Stairs (5)
Destroy all the assault blimps at the Tower Bridge on any difficultyOh, the Humanity! (30)
Kill a player in a ranked match with the last bullet in a pistol clipOne in the Chamber (10)
Kill 400 enemies in the campaign on any difficultyOne Man Army (45)
Complete the campaign on Hard difficultyPresidential Citizens Medal (75)
Complete the campaign on Normal difficultyPresidential Medal for Merit (35)
Complete the game on Insane DifficultyPresidential Medal of Freedom (100)
Finish an 8-player ranked or player match in Deathmatch mode with the highest number of killspwnt (15)
Make your way down to Hotal Langteau on Normal or higher difficultyReservation for One (5)
Sprint for a total of 30 minutes throughout the campaign on any difficultyRun! (25)
Escape from New York on any DifficultySave Yourself (25)
Kill all the paratroopers as you make your way down the skyscraper on any difficultySharpshooter (10)
Finish a ranked match in Deathmatch mode without dyingStayin' Alive (40)
Sneak onto the Zeppelin on Normal or higher difficultyStowaway (30)
Drown a German in a toilet in the Tower of London on any DifficultySwirly Time! (5)
Win 20 ranked matches in Team Deathmatch modeTeam Player (25)
Complete the campaign on any difficultyTurning Point (25)
Smash an enemy's head through a TV in the White House on any DifficultyTV Repairs (5)
Win 5 ranked matches in Deathmatch modeUberdork (25)
Finish a multiplayer game on every map in every modeWorld Tour (15)

Contributed By: Guard Master.