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All-Pro Football 2K8



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 2 INTs with a Gold defender in a single game.2 INTs with a Gold defender (5)
Get a Safety.2 Points (10)
3 Online Wins in a Row.3 Online Wins in a Row (15)
5 Online Wins in a Row.5 Online Wins in a Row (20)
Shut Out the A.I. on All-Pro Difficulty.All - Pro (15)
Record 15 Tackles with a Silver Player.Bring'em down (15)
Set the Record for Forced Fumbles in a Single Season.Butter fingers (30)
Break the single season record for INTs.Covered like a blanket (35)
Create a Player.Create a Player (5)
Create a Team.Create a Team (5)
Edit Team.Edit any part of your team (5)
Set the single game record for INTs.Game Record Defensive INT (20)
Set the single game record for Defensive Sacks.Game Record for Defensive Sacks (20)
Set the single game record for forced fumbles.Game Record Forced Fumbles (15)
Set the single game record for Passing Yards.Game Record Passing Yards (15)
Set the single game record for Receiving Yards.Game Record Receiving Yards (20)
Set the single game record for Rushing Yards.Game Record Rushing Yards (10)
Set the single game record for Touchdowns.Game Record Touchdowns (10)
Play an Online Game.Get Connected (5)
Catch 10 Passes with a Bronze WR.Gift of Grab (10)
Throw for 500 Yards with a Gold QB in a Single Game.Golden Arm (20)
Score 4 Rushing Touchdowns with a Silver Running Back in a single game.Ground Game (15)
Win 50 Online Games.Half a Century (50)
Join an Online League.It's fun to play together (5)
Play an Online League or Tournament Game.League Participation (20)
Shut Out the A.I. on Legend Difficulty.Legend (20)
Complete Season.Mission Accomplished (25)
Complete Season Mode Undefeated and win the League Championship.Mission Impossible (100)
Gain 200 Rec YDS with a Bronze WR.Over the top (15)
Complete a game in Season Game.Play a Season Game (10)
Gain 250 Rushing Yards with a Bronze Running Back in a single game.Pound it out (10)
Set the Single Season TD Record.Punch it in there (20)
Return a Fumble for a Touchdown.Return a Fumble for a Touchdown (15)
Return an INT for a Touchdown.Return an INT for a Touchdown (15)
Pass for 200 Yards & Rush for 50 Yards with a Silver QB in a single game.Run & Gun (15)
Get 5 sacks in a single game with a Bronze Defender.Sack Master (10)
Shut out the A.I. on Pro Difficulty.Shut'em Down (25)
Finish the Season with 2105+ Rushing Yards with a single player.Single Season Rushing Record (20)
Set the Single Season Sack Record.Single Season Sack Record (35)
Throw 6 Touchdown Passes with a Bronze QB.Six for 6 (10)
Finish the Season with 5084+ Passing Yards with a single player.Spread the wealth (30)
Near end of the 2nd qtr or later, score an 80 yard TD.Stride Gum... long lasting drive (20)
Finish the Season with 1848+ Receiving Yards with a single player.Take it to the house (35)
Win a game.The first one is the hardest (10)
Gain 150 Rec YDS each with a Bronze and a Gold WR.Two for One (20)
Win an Online League or Tournament.We are the Champions (50)
Win 10 Online Games.Win 10 Games Online (15)
Win 20 Online Games.Win 20 Online Games (20)
Become the Season Mode Champion.Win the Season Mode Championship (40)
Gain 200 Rushing+100 Receiving Yards with a Gold Running Back in a single game.You want me to do what? (20)

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Gold CAP With 5 Abilities

If You unlock every achievement in All-Pro Football 2K8...You will unlock the ability to create a gold star football player with 5 abilities as opposed to the default 3

Contributed By: da_eagles.