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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix


Playing as Akuma on Classic Mode

For all classic modes, selecting Akuma is the same as selecting him in the original version. You must highlight these characters for at least 2 seconds in the following order: Ryu, T. Hawk, Guile, Cammy, and Ryu again. Then, after highlighting Ryu for 2 seconds, press Start and all three punch buttons in quick succession. If you did it correctly, Akuma's portrait will replace Ryu's.

Contributed By: Vulcan422.

Use classic character's in Classic Arcade Mode

If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. The classic versions do not have super combos and cannot reduce throw damage.

Jab, Right, Left(2), Right, JabClassic Balrog
Jab, Left, Right(3), JabClassic Blanka
Jab, Up(2), Down(2), Jab`Classic Cammy
Jab, Down(3), Up, JabClassic Chun-Li
Jab, Down(2), Up(2), JabClassic Dee Jay
Jab, Down, Up(3), JabClassic Dhalsim
Jab, Up(3), Down, JabClassic E. Honda
Jab, Left(2), Right(2), JabClassic Fei Long
Jab, Up, Down(3), JabClassic Guile
Jab, Left(3), Right, JabClassic Ken
Jab, Down, Up(2), Down, JabClassic M. Bison
Jab, Right(3), Left, JabClassic Ryu
Jab, Up, Down(3), Up, JabClassic Sagat
Jab, Right(2), Left(2), JabClassic T. Hawk
Jab, Left, Right(2), Left, JabClassic Vega
Jab, Left, Right(3), JabClassic Zangief

Contributed By: Joutai.


Fight against Akuma

The way to fight Akuma is the same as it was in the original game. You must not continue, and you must defeat all opponents before M. Bison within 20 minutes or less. When you fight Bison, Akuma will appear, perform the Shun Goku Satsu on Bison, and fight you.

Contributed By: Vulcan422.

To play as Akuma

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Select E.Honda in Versus Mode (or Guile in Arcade Mode) on the Character Select screen and press Up.Akuma

Contributed By: Vertebreaker.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Defeat an opponent in under 15 seconds in single player arcade mode.Blinding Speed (15)
Perform a combo of 7 hits or more.Combomaniac (15)
Play 5 Ranked Matches online.Here Comes A New Challenger (10)
Win With Every Character in an Online Ranked Match.Master of All Things (30)
Win 100 Ranked Matches Online.Playing To Win (30)
Defeat Sagat with Ryu's fierce shoryuken.Sagat's Scar (10)
Win 20 Ranked Matches Online.SF 20th Anniversary! (20)
Beat Akuma in Arcade Mode.Sheng Long is in Another Castle (25)
Get one Super Finish in Arcade Mode.Super Finisher (10)
Throw your Opponent ten times in a single game.Throwing is Cheap (5)
5 Perfect Rounds in Arcade Mode (Any Difficulty Level, no challengers)Training for Perfection (10)
Beat Arcade Mode.Vanquish the Computer (20)

Contributed By: Guard Master.