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Deadly Premonition


Obtain infinite weapons

Complete the following to obtain infinite weapons (do not degrade or require ammo).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete sidequest #11, Snack for Willie, with all seven bones in your inventory.357 Magnum
Complete sidequest #14, Map to Psychic Spot A10mm Submachine Gun
Complete sidequest #15, Map to Psychic Spot B12Ga Shotgun CQB
Re-enter the Galaxy of Terror Other World5.56 Assault Rifle CQB
Re-enter the Sheriff Department Other WorldAxe
Re-enter the Harry's Mansion Other WorldChain Saw
Re-enter the Community Center Other WorldGrass Cutter
Complete sidequest #39, Top CollectorLight Sword
Complete sidequest #16, Map to Psychic Spot CRPG
Complete sidequest #50, Ghost House TreasureWesley Special
Complete sidequest #29, Engagement RingWrench

Contributed By: CVagts and Souperintendent.



Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

Recovered all the trading cards.Collected all trading cards! (150)
Completed Episode 1Episode 1 Cleared! (50)
Completed episode 2 (part 1).Episode 2 (part 1) cleared! (50)
Completed episode 2 (part 2).Episode 2 (part 2) cleared! (50)
Completed episode 3.Episode 3 cleared! (50)
Completed episode 4.Episode 4 cleared! (50)
Completed episode 5.Episode 5 cleared! (50)
Completed episode 6.Episode 6 cleared! (50)
Completed all episodes on easy difficulty.Game completed on Easy! (100)
Completed all episodes on hard difficulty.Game completed on Hard! (200)
Completed all episodes on normal difficulty.Game completed on Normal! (150)
Prologue completed.Prologue cleared! (50)

Contributed By: LaLiLuLeLoSnake and Garbage_Day.