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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2



While in game, open the pause menu, hold the right shoulder button and enter the following codes

Left Thumbstick, Left Thumbstick, A, Right Thumbstick, Right Thumbstick, B, Left Thumbstick, Left Thumbstick, X, Right Thumbstick, Right Thumbstick, YGI John Doe Mode
A, A, B, B, X, X, Y, Y, A, B, X, YSuper Ragdoll

Contributed By: DiamondzTO.

TAR-21 Assault Rifle

When you are customizing your character. (Changing guns + clothing)

(Hold RB) Down, Down, Up, Up, X, B, X, B, Y, Up, Up, Y.

Contributed By: Alphamale001.

Third Person View

Third person view (Must be logged out of Xbox Live for story mode T.P.V. but not for terrorist hunt)

X, B, X, B, Left Thumbstick, Left Thumbstick, Y, A, Y, A, Right Thumbstick, Right ThumbstickThird Person View

Contributed By: mmookow.

Unlock M468 Assault Rifle

While customizing your character, hold down RB and press Up, Y, Down, A, Left, X, Right, B, Left, Left, Right, X

Contributed By: XCommander.


Comcast Event Map

Step 1

Go to the Main Menu of ‘Rainbow 6: Vegas 2’.

Step 2

Select “Extras”.

Step 3

Select “Comcast Gift”.

Step 4

Enter the code “Comcast Faster” when prompted and enjoy the new multi-player map, ‘Comcast Event’, the next time you play.

Contributed By: Alphamale001.