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Sonic Unleashed


Walk through walls

If you go up to pretty much any wall/door as a werehog, pressing X Y Y for the combo, followed by shielding, will let you pass through the wall.

Contributed By: BlackSwordChris.


Eggmanland Hub World

In order to unlock the hub world for Eggmanland, you must defeat the final boss and beat the game.

Contributed By: FadeddreamsXXX.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Pull off some flawless flyingAce Pilot (20)
Improve your Air Boost!Airdevil (10)
Save the fifth continentAlmost There (25)
Get your Werehog level upBasher (10)
Become better friends with ChipBFFs (20)
Dash through the white walls at top speedBlue Meteor (20)
Create an unbeatable HedgehogBlue Streak (30)
Work on your combosCombo King (20)
Get your Werehog level up even higher!Crasher (10)
Get a high score with Sonic the WerehogCreature of the Night (15)
Race through all stagesDay Tripper (20)
Eat all the hot dogs in MazuriExotic Toppings (10)
Buy something from WentosFirst Time Customer (10)
Eat all the hot dogs in AdabatFried Clam Roll (10)
Collect all of the Moon MedalsFull Moon (50)
Drive dark spirits awayGet on the Exorcise Bandwagon (20)
Get a high score with Sonic the HedgehogGetting the Hang of Things (15)
Eat all the hot dogs in ApotosGyro with Relish (10)
Collect Moon MedalsHalf Moon (30)
Eat all the hot dogs in EggmanlandHard Boiled (10)
Blast through all stagesHard Day's Night (20)
Talk with people in the pursuit of loveHedgehunk (5)
Help someone in needHelping Hand (20)
Eat everything in the worldHungry Hungry Hedgehog (30)
Improve your Lightspeed Dash!Hyperdrive (10)
Someone is dealing with spectral troublesI Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (5)
Eat all the hot dogs in HoloskaIced Hotdog (10)
Eat all the hot dogs in ShamarKebab on a Bun (10)
Eat all the hot dogs in Empire CityKetchup and Mustard (10)
Smash, smash, and smash some moreKnockout Brawler (20)
Improve your Stomp!Lay the Smackdown (10)
Save the second continentLooking Better (25)
Give a souvenir to the ProfessorOh, You Shouldn't Have! (10)
Save the sixth continentOne More to Go (25)
Collect Sun MedalsPartly Cloudy (30)
Save the fourth continentPicking Up the Pieces (25)
Eat all the hot dogs in SpagoniaPig in a Blanket (10)
Create an unbeatable WerehogPower Overwhelming (30)
Gather Rings from all over the worldRing Leader (20)
Eat all the hot dogs in Chun-nanSausage Fried Rice (10)
Get your Werehog level up some more!Smasher (10)
Talk to people around the worldSocial Butterfly (30)
Become the fastest thing aliveSpeeding Ticket (20)
Save the third continentStill a Jigsaw Puzzle (25)
Save the first continentStill Broken (25)
Collect all of the Sun MedalsSunny (50)
Give every souvenir to the ProfessorThat's Enough, Seriously (20)
Get your Werehog level way up there!Thrasher (10)
Improve your Wall Jump!Wall Crawler (10)
Complete the gameWorld Savior (100)

Contributed By: Guard Master.