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Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Create a male character.ADAM (1)
Win a gold medal in all cycling events in single player.AIOLOS (20)
Perform three perfect jumps in a triple jump in single player.ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES (6)
Maximize all of your skills.ALL-ROUNDER (100)
Train two skills to 75 percent.ALMOST THERE (50)
Win a gold medal in both archery events in single player.ARTEMIS (15)
Win a gold medal in all throwing events in single player.ATHENE (20)
Hit the scoreboard in archery (single player).BERSERK (1)
Collect 40 bronze medals in single player.BRONZE AGE (40)
Create a Custom Competition.DO AS YOU LIKE (1)
Win the career.DO IT YOURSELF (90)
Get 30 points in one round of archery in single player.EAGLE EYE (15)
Make a false start in single player.EARLY BIRD (1)
Create a female character.EVE (1)
Perform a perfect flight at diving in single player.FLIGHT ARTIST (3)
Collect 30 gold medals in single player.GOLD RUSH (70)
Perform a perfect grab in swimming in single player.GOLDEN GRIP (3)
Jump over all hurdles in a 110m Hurdles race in single player.GRASSHOPPER (5)
Throw with great timing in all throwing events in single player.GREAT TIMING (10)
Run in someone's slipstream for a minute in a middle distance race in single player.GREYHOUND (3)
Train three skills to 50 percent.HALFWAY THERE (40)
Win a gold medal in all running events in single player.HERMES (40)
Perform a perfect start off the diving platform in single player.HIGH FLYER (5)
Win all Competitions.HIGHEST, FASTEST, FARTHEST (100)
In High Jump, run up with only perfect steps in single player.HOT STEPPER (10)
Max out a skill.OVER THE FINISH LINE (60)
Perform a perfect run-up in Pole Vault in single player.POLE POSITION (3)
Win a gold medal in all swimming events in single player.POSEIDON (25)
Perform a perfect take-off at Pole Vault in single player.READY FOR TAKE-OFF (3)
Get 90 points in three rounds of archery in single player.SHARPSHOOTER (100)
Collect 35 silver medals in single player.SILVER MINE (50)
Get a timeout in single player.SLEEPY HEAD (1)
Perform a perfect entry at diving in single player.SPLASH-PROOF (3)
Knock over five hurdles in a 110m Hurdles race in single player.STAGGERING (1)
In a cycling team pursuit race in single player, switch the leading rider four times.TEAM PLAYER (1)
Perform a perfect turn in swimming in single player.TURNING POINT (3)
Win a gold medal in all events in single player.ZEUS (100)

Contributed By: Guard Master.