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Crash: Mind Over Mutant


Gameplay Cheats

During Story Mode, pause the game and hold the block button, then input the buttons on the D-Pad extremely quick to activate the code. To deactivate the code, input the buttons again.

Down, Down, Down, UpCrash freezes anything he touches.
Left, Right, Left, RightCrash looks like a shadow.
Up, Up, Up, LeftEnemies leave behind free Quad Damage
Up, Down, Down, UpEnemies leave behind free Special Fruit.
Up, Right, Down, LeftEnemies leave behind free Super-Kick.
Right, Right, Right, UpEnemies leave behind free Wumpa Fruit.
Left, Left, Left, DownVarious body parts enlargen.

Contributed By: Link03456.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Defeat 50 enemies in co-op modeA Combo to Go (35)
Find a Crash health upgrade collectibleA Wumpa A Day (15)
Fire a large projectile from the mask in coop modeBig Shooter (10)
15x combo scoredBreak Them To It Gently (25)
Enter an underground spaceCan U Dig It? (5)
Score a 20x mojo multiplier via combat combosChuck Is That You? (35)
Collect all Crash voodoo dollsCrash Grab (50)
Fully upgrade CrashCrash King (25)
Beat Crunch Boss FightCrunched (25)
Collect all Junkyard voodoo dollsDon't Recycle (25)
Defeat 1 enemy in coop modeDuplex Crash (10)
Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Wumpa Island above the waterfallEasy Does It (15)
Defeat 75 Brat GirlsFashion Fury (20)
Stun 5 Sludges As CrashFollow Your Nose (25)
Collect all Ice voodoo dollsFreezer Burn (25)
Beat Coco Boss FightGirl Power (25)
Complete 50% of the gameGlass Is Half Full (50)
Fully Upgrade SludgeGoo Squared (20)
Store a Mutant in your pocketHappy To See Me (5)
Collect all Wasteland voodoo dollsHot Stuff (25)
Fully upgrade RatcicleIce On The Cake (20)
Complete coop balancing puzzle in the WastelandIt Took Two To Tango (15)
Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Mount GrimlyLark In The Dark (15)
Store a Mutant while riding another oneMulti-Tasking (5)
Collect all evil school voodoo dollsN Is For Evil (25)
Beat Cortex Boss FightNeo Is Getting Angry (50)
Fully upgrade GrimlyNight Fright (20)
Collect all Wumpa voodoo dollsNo Place Like Wumpa (25)
Defeat 75 Doom MonkeysOo Oo Ah Ah (20)
Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Mount GrimlyOver Easy (15)
Fully Upgrade StenchP Stinking U! (20)
Fully upgrade RhinoRollerRoll It Up! (20)
Defeat 75 ZnuShadow Boxing (20)
Fully upgrade MagmadonShell Shocked (20)
Fully upgrade SnipeShoot the Works (20)
Destroy 75 Slap-E robo-handsSlap on the Wrist (20)
Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Ratcicle KingdomSnow Blows (15)
Stun 5 Spikes as CrashSpike the Punch (20)
Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in WastelandStand in the Sand (15)
Stun 5 Ratcicles as CrashStone Cold Crash (15)
Fully upgrade TKT to the K (20)
Collect all Mount Grimly voodoo dollsThe Dark Side (25)
Defeat 75 RatniciansWhack-A-Nerd (20)
Score a 10x mojo multiplier via combat combosWould You Like Fries With That? (10)

Contributed By: Guard Master.