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Dragon Age: Origins


Get specialization manuals for FREE

FInd a vendor that has the manual you want. Save your game. Buy the manual to unlock the specialization. Now reload your save, and it will still be unlocked, and you will have your money back. The manual will also be missing from the merchants inventory.

Contributed By: stabbymcstabber.


Unlock Items From Dragon Age Journeys for your Dragon Age Origins Game

In order to complete the following, one must play Dragon Age Journeys and complete the objectives as listed. Journeys is a flash-based RPG made with the same spirit as it's PC/Console Counterparts. You must have a Bioware account and have it linked with your DA:O account in order for this to work. One can play Dragon Age Journeys at www.dragonagejourneys.com.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To earn the Amulet of the War Mage in Dragon Age: Origins, simply sign in to your EA account in Dragon Age Journeys. If you do not have an existing EAAmulet Of the War Mage
To earn Embri's Many Pockets in Dragon Age: Origins, save the Grey Warden Martine by completing The Missing Warden quest.Embri's Many Pockets
To earn the Helm of the Deep in Dragon Age: Origins, you must earn all five achievements in Dragon Age Journies: The Deep Roads.Helm of the Deep

Contributed By: guiltl3ss.



Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

Defeated the archdemon and, through a dark ritual with Morrigan, spared your own lifeA Dark Promise (50)
Sided with the templars in "Broken Circle"Annulment Invoker (20)
Main character achieved level 20 as a mageArchmage (25)
Sided with Bhelen in "A Paragon of Her Kind"Bhelen's Ally (20)
Killed 1000 darkspawnBlight-Queller (25)
Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battleBloodied (10)
Succeeded at five difficult Intimidate attemptsBully (10)
Completed the Dwarf Commoner origin storyCasteless (10)
Defied the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn of Sacred Ashes"Ceremonialist (20)
Completed the City Elf origin storyConscripted (10)
Completed the Dalish Elf origin storyCorrupted (10)
Preserved the lives of half the troops at Denerim's Gates in "The Final Battle"Defender (20)
Defeated the dragon guarding the Urn of Sacred AshesDragonslayer (30)
Experienced the thrill of romance with ZevranEasy Lover (10)
Used a tome to improve the main character's attributes, talents, spells, or skillsEducated (15)
Main character learned two specializationsElite (30)
Experienced the thrill of romance with AlistairFirst Knight (10)
Killed 100 darkspawnGrey Warden (20)
Completed the Magi origin storyHarrowed (10)
Sided with Harrowmont in "A Paragon of Her Kind"Harrowmont's Ally (20)
Main character inflicted 250 damage with a single hitHeavy Hitter (10)
Completed "The Arl of Redcliffe"Hero of Redcliffe (20)
Across all playthroughs, experienced all possible romancesHopelessly Romantic (25)
Completed the Dwarf Noble origin storyKinslayer (10)
Completed OstagarLast of the Wardens (20)
Completed the Human Noble origin storyLast of Your Line (10)
Destroyed the Anvil of the VoidLiberator (20)
Sided with the mages in "Broken Circle"Magic Sympathizer (20)
Main character achieved level 20 as a warriorMaster of Arms (25)
Killed 500 darkspawnMaster Warden (25)
Succeeded at 10 difficult Intimidate attemptsMenacing (20)
Complete 15 job-board questsMercenary (20)
Across all playthroughs, discovered all possible endingsPerfectionist (50)
Succeeded at five difficult Persuasion attemptsPersuasive (10)
Completed a Chanter's Board questPilgrim (10)
Sided with the elves in "Nature of the Beast"Poacher (20)
Preserved the Anvil of the VoidPragmatist (20)
Completed "The Landsmeet"Rabble-Rouser (20)
Across all playthroughs, recruited all party membersRecruiter (25)
Sided with the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn Of Sacred Ashes"Sacrilegious (20)
Main character achieved level 20 as a rogueShadow (25)
Succeeded at 25 difficult Persuasion attemptsSilver Tongued (20)
Sided with the werewolves in "Nature of the Beast"Slayer (20)
Used the Grey Warden treaties to recruit all possible alliesStandard-Bearer (20)
Made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of FereldenThe Ultimate Sacrifice (50)
Crafted an itemTinkerer (10)
Set foot in every area in the gameTraveler (35)
Main character learned a specializationVeteran (25)
Experienced the thrill of romance with LelianaWine, Woman, and Song (10)
Experienced the thrill of romance with MorriganWitch Gone Wild (10)

Contributed By: Guard Master and Saikyo Mog.