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Batman: Arkham Asylum


Armored Batman (Challenge Mode)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the GameArmored-suit Batman

Contributed By: Mr_Crak.



Solve 5% of Riddler challengesArkham Analyst
Defeat BaneBaneful Payback
Complete story mode on Easy difficultyBig Bang
Complete story mode on Normal difficultyBigger Bang
Complete story mode on Hard difficultyBiggest Bang
Escape from Intensive Treatment to the island surfaceBorn Free
Gain access to Arkham Mansion after it is locked down by the JokerBreaking And Entering
Catch a Batarang (any play mode)Catch!
Solve 55% of Riddler challengesConundrum Cracker
Solve every riddle on the islandCrack The E Nigma
Venture into Killer Croc's lair and come out aliveCrocodile Tears
Solve 10% of Riddler challengesCryptic Investigator
Survive the nightmare of the Scarecrow's fear gasDaydreamer
Defeat two Titan Henchmen at onceDouble Trouble
Complete one combat challenge without taking damageFlawless Freeflow Fighter
Ride a beast and unleash its powerFreakshow Rodeo
Achieve 8 medals on combat challengesFreeflow Bronze
Complete a combo of 10 moves (any play mode)Freeflow Combo 10
Complete a combo of 20 moves (any play mode)Freeflow Combo 20
Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode)Freeflow Combo 40
Complete a combo of 5 moves (any play mode)Freeflow Combo 5
Achieve 24 medals on combat challengesFreeflow Gold
Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode)Freeflow Perfection
Achieve 16 medals on combat challengesFreeflow Silver
Complete one predator challenge by using only Silent Takedowns and without being detectedInvisible Predator
Save all the doctors in MedicalJust What The Doctors Ordered
Solve 25% of Riddler challengesLateral Thinker
Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in DecontaminationLeave No Man Behind
Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchmanMalpractice Needs More Practice
Take on a beast in hand to hand combatMano-A-Mano
Solve 70% of Riddler challengesMental Athlete
Solve 40% of Riddler challengesMystery Solver
Glide continuously for over 100mNight Glider
Time to break up this partyParty Pooper
100% CompletePerfect Knight
Defeat the giant Titan Ivy plantPoisoned Ivy
Achieve 8 medals on predator challengesPredator Bronze
Achieve 24 medals on predator challengesPredator Gold
Achieve 16 medals on predator challengesPredator Silver
Face your biggest fears and keep your sanityRecurring Nightmare
Conquer the effects of the Scarecrow's fear gasResist The Fear
Solve 85% of Riddler challengesRiddle Resolver
String up one henchman and drop him to surprise a second (any play mode)Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope
Take down Zsasz in the Patient Pacification ChamberShocking Rescue
Capture and lock up Harley QuinnSolitary Confinement
Solve Arkham's biggest mysteryWorld's Greatest Detective
Save Dr. Young from being killed by Victor ZsaszZsasz Cut Down To Size

Contributed By: Guard Master.