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The Beatles: Rock Band


Unlock bonuses

Enter quickly at the "The Beatles Rock Band" title screen (Press START button is at the bottom of the screen)

Blue, Yellow, Orange, Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue, Blue, Yellow, OrangeUnlocks set of bonus photos

Contributed By: bradfish2099.


Bonus Song: The End

Once you finish the game's Story Mode, you will be able to unlock the song "The End" as a stand-alone track. It is the only song not available on the default song list.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game's Story Mode.The End

Contributed By: TuxedoAlex.

Gamer Pictures

Get the stated achievement

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Ringo Starr Gamer PictureUnlock "And the Band Begins to Play"
John Lennon Gamer PictureUnlock "Better Free Your Mind Instead"
George Harrison Gamer PictureUnlock "No One's Frightened of Playing"
Paul McCartney Gamer PictureUnlock "Things That Money Just Can't Buy"

Contributed By: simpfan93.

Instrument Icon Plates

The Beatles: Rockband lets you unlock different colored plates for your instruments, similar to the previous Rockband games. This time you don't have to do an Endless Setlist, but rather earn a certain number of achievements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn 30 AchievementsGold Plate
Earn 50 AchievementsPlatinum Plate
Earn 15 AchievementsSilver Plate

Contributed By: SciGuy831.



Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

Start a Story with a four player band.A Little Help From My Friends (10)
Earn a Bass Career score of 1,000,000.Ace Bassist (20)
Get all possible Triple Fab ratings for every song with 3 vocal parts.All the Children Sing (25)
Get a Guitar, Bass and Drum unison bonus on the songs listed on the Achievements screen.All Together Now (15)
Five-star every song in The Beatles: Rock Band.All You Need Is Love (30)
Earn Expert gold stars on the 4 songs displayed on the Achievements screen.And the Band Begins to Play (35)
Hit 100% of the notes in the solo of "The End" on Expert Drums.Are You Gonna Be In My Dreams? (35)
Finish any song as a Bassist with Lefty Mode turned on, hitting at least 50% of the notes.Authenticity (10)
Earn Expert gold stars on the 4 songs displayed on the Achievements screen.Better Free Your Mind Instead (35)
Start a new Story save file and reach the credits within 24 hours.Day Tripper (15)
Earn a Drum Career score of 1,000,000.Dazzling Drummer (20)
Get a 350-note streak playing Ticket To Ride on Guitar.Do Right by Me (25)
Complete all the Drum Lessons.Doing the Best That You Can! (20)
Save a bandmate from failing.Don't Let Me Down! (10)
Get an 8x Band Multiplier.Eight Days A Week (10)
Get 85% or better on all solos in The Beatles: Rock Band on Expert Guitar.Elmore James Got Nothing on This (25)
Earn a Guitar Career score of 1,000,000.Gear Guitarist (20)
Get a 550-note streak playing I Am The Walrus on Drums.Goo Goo G'joob (25)
Score 100% playing I Saw Her Standing There on Expert Bass.How Could I Dance with Another? (20)
Score 100% notes hit on Helter Skelter playing Expert Drums.I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS! (35)
Get your first Beatles Photo.I Saw the Photograph (10)
Get all the Beatles photos.Images of Broken Light (20)
Get Half of the Beatles Photos.In Penny Lane There is a Barber (10)
Maintain Beatlemania for 60 seconds.In Seconds Flat (15)
Play a song in Abbey Road, Studio 2 in Story.In the Studio (10)
Calibrate your system for the optimal experience.Let's Get Some Levels (5)
Score 1,000,000 points in a single song.Like a Million Suns (20)
Play a song in The Cavern '63 in Story.Liverpool Lads (10)
Finish all 8 Chapter Challenges.Mr. K Will Challenge the World (10)
Earn Expert gold stars on the 4 songs displayed on the Achievements screen.No One's Frightened of Playing (35)
Hit 100% of the notes in the solo of "The End" on Hard or Expert Guitar.Oh Yeah, All Right! (30)
Play all the songs on the Apple Corps Rooftop '69 in Story.Passed the Audition (20)
Play Dig A Pony on Expert Guitar, playing all hammer-ons and pull-offs without strumming.Pick a Moon Dog (25)
Play a song on The Ed Sullivan Show '64 in Story.Really Big Show (10)
Earn a Vocal Harmonies Career score of 1,000,000.Sensational Singers (20)
Use Beatlemania at least 5 times in a single song using either Bass or Guitar.Shake It Up, Baby! (10)
Get all possible Double Fab ratings for every song with 2 vocal parts.She Still Sings It with the Band (25)
Play a song in Shea Stadium '65 in Story.Stadium Superstars (10)
Hit 100% of the notes in either of the solos in While My Guitar Gently Weeps on Expert Guitar.Still My Guitar Gently Weeps (30)
Get a 350-note streak playing Here Comes The Sun on Guitar.Sun, Sun, Sun Here It Comes (25)
Complete all the Beatle Beats.Teachers Who Taught Me WERE Cool (15)
Get a 350-note streak playing Hey Bulldog on Bass.That's It! You've Got It! (25)
Play a song in Budokan '66 in Story.The Final Tour (10)
Complete the Encore in Story.The Love You Make (10)
Earn a five-star rating for the songs on the Achievements screen as a Vocalist on Hard or Expert.The Words You Long to Hear (20)
Earn Expert gold stars on the 4 songs displayed on the Achievements screen.Things That Money Just Can't Buy (35)
Finish all 8 Chapter Challenges with full star ratings.Toppermost of the Poppermost (15)
Play Octopus's Garden on Expert Guitar, playing all hammer-ons and pull-offs without strumming.We Would Be So Happy, You and Me (25)
Hit 100% of the notes in the solo of Can't Buy Me Love on Hard or Expert Guitar.What I Got I'll Give to You (30)
Play Dear Prudence on Expert Guitar, playing all hammer-ons and pull-offs without strumming.Won't You Come Out to Play? (25)

Contributed By: Guard Master, Shockwave_S08, and SlipperyIKE.