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Way of the Samurai 3


Accessories Unlocked through Samurai Point accumulation

Unlock these accessories by accumulating specified number of Samurai Points by clearing playthroughs in the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
1400 Samurai PointsAfro Hair (Black)
6600 Samurai PointsAnachronistic Glasses
5400 Samurai PointsAngel Wings (White)
7800 Samurai PointsCat Boot (L)
7600 Samurai PointsCat Boot (R)
8300 Samurai PointsCat Ears (Black)
7400 Samurai PointsCat Glove (L)
7200 Samurai PointsCat Glove (R)
8000 Samurai PointsCat Tail
4800 Samurai PointsCrazy hair (Black)
8900 Samurai PointsDemon Horns (White)
9600 Samurai PointsDemon Tail
9200 Samurai PointsDemon Wings
3600 Samurai PointsFuturistic Glasses (White)
5800 Samurai PointsHalo
4600 Samurai PointsMamuru Charm
2400 Samurai PointsMask
400 Samurai PointsStore Sign
2800 Samurai PointsSwan Toy
3000 Samurai PointsTiara
3800 Samurai PointsTribal Earrings
1800 Samurai PointsWhite Falcon

Contributed By: Variand.