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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen



Enter with the D-Pad in the "Cheat Codes" option in the main menu. Note: These characters will only be playable in multiplayer

LB, B, LB, A, X, RSAlways in Overdrive Mode
Y, X, B, RS, A, YExtra Energon (ex: 4x frrom defeated enemies)
Down, Up, Right, Right, Left, UpGolden Megatron
Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, DownGolden Optimus Prime
Y, Y, B, A, X, LBIncreased Enemy Accuracy
LB, Y, A, Y, RS, RSIncreased Enemy Damage
B, X, LB, B, RS, YIncreased Enemy Health
Y, Y, RS, A, LB, YIncreased Weapon Damage in Root Form
Y, B, RB, X, RS, LSIncreased Weapon Damage in Vehicle Form
RS, A, X, LS, X, XInvincibility
X, X, Y, LS, Y, LSLow Gravity Mode (Everyone jumps higher and longer)
X, LS, RS, LS, RS, RBLower Enemy Accuracy
X, LS, RS, LS, RS, RBLower Enemy Accuracy
RS, A, LB, B, RS, LBMelee Instant Kills
RS, X, RS, RS, X, ANo Special Cool Down Time
LS, X, A, LS, Y, LBNo Weapon Overheat
RS, LB, LB, Y, X, APlay as Autobot Protectobot Scout MP in Autobot based Single Player (only when mission begins, not in character select) Does not work in Deep 6.
X, Y, X, LB, A, LBPlays as Decepticon Seeker Warrior MP in Decepticon Based Single Player (only when mission begins, not in character select)
B, B, RB, B, A, LSSpecial Kills Only Mode (Cannot kill enemies except with special kills)
B, LS, X, RS, A, YUnlimited Turbo
RS, Y, A, Y, LS, LBUnlock all Cairo Missions and Zones
X, RB, Y, B, A, LBUnlock All Deep Six Missions and Zones
RS, LS, RB, A, B, XUnlock All East Coast Missions and Zones
Y, LS, RS, LB, Y, AUnlock All Shanghai Missions and Zones
LB, RB, RS, Y, RS, BUnlock All West Coast Missions and Zones
LB, Y, LB, B, X, XUnlock and activate ALL Upgrades
B, A, B, (RB), Y, (RB)Unlocks Generation 1 Starscream

Contributed By: superkyle1991, butt11, hilman444, and psi_kever.