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Dead to Rights: Retribution


Avatar Awards

Both male and female versions of the award will be unlocked at the same time.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Best cop this city's ever had achievementGAC Armor
Complete the Boom! achievementGAC Helmet
Complete the Brawler achievementGCPD Shirt
Complete the Finish him Shadow! achievementJack and Shadow shirt
Complete the Protect the Innocent achievementLogo Shirt

Contributed By: Tricked Out Horo.

Secret Gamer Pic

To unlock a secret gamer pic of a GAC soldier, you must complete the game on Detective difficulty.

Contributed By: frostedmini1337.



Destroy the choppersAir Traffic Control
Defeat TsengAparently I CAN Kill you
Complete the game on OFFICER difficultyBest cop this city's ever had
Get 30 headshots in any level, on OFFICER or greater difficultyBoom!
Complete any level (excluding the Prologue) without firing a shotBrawler
Perform 50 disarmsBring a gun to a fist fight
Shut down the electric fencesCanine Fodder
Cause the train crashCommuter Disruption
Perform 50 takedownsCrime and punishment
Defeat the Enforcer with a TakedownCrossing the line
Retrieve the Security Keycard for JackDog of War
Perform a tag team kill with ShadowDog tag
Perform 50 Shadow killsDog’s dinner
Defeat RedwaterDoing it the Ol' Fashioned Way
Perform 200 3-hit combosFeatherweight
Find a way to get jack through the gateFetch
Combine Jack and Shadow to kill 20 enemies in any level, on OFFICER or greater difficultyFinish him Shadow!
Achieve maximum CLEAR TIME BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue)First at the scene
Take out the GunshipGAC hawk Down
Leap over and kick an enemy from coverGet ready for a surprise!
Complete a level without Jack or Shadow dying (levels 3-10)Got your back
Take a GAC hostageGot your GAC
Drag Jack out of harm's wayGuard Dog
Open 10 doors with a hostage headHead banger
Perform 100 5-hit combosHeavyweight
Collect 50 cop badgesHonor the dead
Perform 50 countersIt’s all in the timing
Get Jack to the Bar in one pieceJust Gimme the bottle
Complete the game on any difficulty levelJust like Dad would have done
Rescue FaithKeeping Faith
Acquire ShadowMan's best friend
Silver rating on every levelMedal of bravery
Bronze rating on every levelMedal of merit
Gold rating on every levelMedal of valor
Clear a path for JackOnce bitten
Achieve maximum VARIATION BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue)Perfect balance
Save the HostagesProtect the Innocent
Complete the game on DETECTIVE difficultyRetribution
Repel the GACRun out of Town
Perform a Shadow groin takedownScrotality
Perform a silent kill with ShadowShad-owned
Help Jack and Frank into MiltonShadow...keys
Dash evade 50 strikesShadowboxing
Complete any level with 10 silent kills, on OFFICER or greater difficultyShhhhh
Complete the fight with FrankShown the ropes
Take out a GAC TankSmile, you son of a…
Kill an enemy by knocking or throwing him off a ledgeThat's what you gets!
Escape from the GACThe Bottle not the War
Collect 25 cop badgesThe price of justice
Imprison TempleThrow away the Key

Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4 and Guard Master.

GAC Pack DLC Achievements

Achieve Gold Rating in Assault on the 87th Precinct.Above and beyond
Get 350,000 points in a single play session of Riot Control.Contender
Get 5,000,000 points total over multiple play sessions of Riot Control.Dedication to the cause
Defeat Redwater in Riot Control.Didn't I kill you already?
Achieve maximum CLEAR TIME BONUS in Assault on the 87th Precinct.GAC in time for dinner
Score 500,000 points in Retribution Mode over multiple play sessions of Riot Control.Hot head
Get 15 unique awards in one round in Riot Control.Jack Slate of all trades
Upload a Riot Control score to the leaderboard.Marking your territory
Score 250,000 points from Retribution Bonus over multiple play sessions of Riot Control.Retribution Master
Complete Assault on the 87th Precinct.You hear that? We’re official…

Contributed By: Guard Master.