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Gel: Set & Match



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Stay under par, like the pros do.Birdie (15)
Collect all the costumes!Collector (20)
Rise in the ranks!Competitive (20)
Leave no puzzle unsolved!Completionist (25)
Put your friends to work too!Cooperative (15)
Demonstrate your chain skill in Action mode!Dexterous (5)
Stay tuned to the Item Shop year-round for new couture!Fashionista (25)
Keep your stars for later. Be thrifty!Frugal (20)
Head online, and take off the gloves!Gel-Raiser (10)
In multiplayer settings, it pays to be civil.Good Citizen (10)
You can do better than just finishing those puzzles!Perfectionist (25)
Study the basics.Studious (10)

Contributed By: Guard Master.