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Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram Ver.5.66


Play as Alpha Temjin and Alpha Raiden

To play as Prototype Temjin, beat Arcade with Temjin and input this code:

Highlight Temjin, hit X
Highlight Random, hit X
Highlight Raiden, hit X Twice
Highlight Bal-Bados, hit X Twice
Highlight Angelan, hit X Twice
Highlight Grys-Vok, hit X Thrice

To play as Prototype Raiden, beat Arcade with Raiden and input this code:

Highlight Apharmd B, hit X
Highlight Apharmd S, hit X
Highlight Dordray, hit X Twice
Highlight Specineff, hit X Twice
Highlight Fei-Yen, hit X Twice
Highlight Cypher, hit X Thrice

Note that while playing as Ver.5.2 Temjin and Raiden, you cannot airdash, double jump, or fire turbo weapons. They do increased damage, however.

Contributed By: Vulcan422.


Unlock Ajim

You need to encounter Ajim in Arcade mode to unlock him. He appears if you win a number of matches by time out. The round that Ajim appears in is random. (Note: You do not have to beat Ajim to unlock him)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Encounter Ajim in Arcade Mode.Ajim

Contributed By: RedRaptor10.

Easter Eggs

SEGA Nostalgia

When loading up the game, hold the A button until the title screen. When it gets to "Presented by SEGA", instead of the voice saying that, it will say "SEGA" how it was back during the Genesis days.

Contributed By: BIOxxHAZARD778.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Played one ranked match.1 Ranked Match (10)
Played 10 ranked matches.10 Ranked Matches (20)
Scored a total of 300 hits in Single Player or Multiplayer mode.300 Hits (25)
Defeated Bradtos in Arcade mode.Bradtos (10)
Used a customized VR in Single Player mode.Custom VR (10)
Defeated an opponent in Single Player or Multiplayer mode.First Win (20)
Scored a close-range attack in Single Player or Multiplayer mode.Infight (25)
Earn a PERFECT in a Single Player or Multiplayer match.Perfect (25)
Uploaded a Score Attack score to rankings.Rank In (15)
Defeated Tangram in Arcade mode. Letting time expire does not count as a win.Tangram (10)
Battled Ajim (Ajim appears after winning repeatedly by letting time expire in Arcade mode.)Vs. Ajim (20)
Watched one match.Watch a Game (10)

Contributed By: Guard Master.