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Max Payne 3


Max Payne 3 Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on Medium difficulty.Character Select option in Arcade mode
Achieve Platinum on every Chapter in New York Minute.Classic Max B&W
Collect all the clues in Story mode.Constant Bullet Time Camera
Finish the story mode on Old School difficultyMax Payne Advanced Character Model
Beat the game.New York Minute in Arcade Mode
Achieve Platinum on every Chapter in New York Minute.Old School Max B&W
Beat the game on Hard difficulty.Old School, Hardcore difficulties, Unlimited Painkillers cheat
Beat the game on Hardcore difficulty.One Hit Kill cheat
Collect all the Golden Gun parts in Story modeUnlimited Ammo
Earn all gold awards in Score Arcade.Unlimited Bullet Time

Contributed By: Metamania, Every1s_aCritic, and XeroAlpha.