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Call of Duty: Black Ops


CIA Data System Login IDs and Passwords

When using the computer to access the CIA Data system, you can use the following login IDs and passwords. After logging into an account, you may then browse each user's unique files using the DIR command or read messages with the MAIL command.

User: amason - Password: PASSWORDThe user account of Alex Mason, already logged in when you first use the terminal.
User: bharris - Password: GOSKINSThe user account of Bruce Harris
User: dking - Password: MFKThe user account of D. King.
User: asmith - Password: ROXYThe user account of Dr. Adrienne Smith.
User: vbush - Password: MANHATTANThe user account of Dr. Vannevar Bush.
User: fwoods - Password: PHILLYThe user account of Frank Woods.
User: gweaver - Password: GEDEONThe user account of Grigori "Greg" Weaver.
User: jturner - Password CONDOR75The user account of J. Turner.
User: jhudson - Password: BRYANT1950The user account of Jason Hudson.
User: jmccone - Password: BERKLEY22The user account of John McCone, Director of Central Intelligence 1961-1965.
User: jbowman - Password: UWDThe user account of Joseph Bowman.
User: jfkennedy - Password: LANCERThe user account of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
User: lbjohnson - Password: LADYBIRDThe user account of President Lyndon Baines Johnson.
User: rnixon - password CHECKERSThe user account of President Richard Nixon
User: rhelms - Password: LEROSEYThe user account of Richard Helms, Director of the CIA from 1966 to 1973.
User: rkain - Password: SUNWUThe user account of Richard Kain.
User: rjackson - . Password: SAINTBRIDGETThe user account of Ryan Jackson
User: twalker - Password: RADI0The user account of T. Walker.
User: tbrooks - Password: LAURENThe user account of Terrance Brooks.
User: wraborn - Password: BROMLOWThe user account of William Raborn, Director of Central Intelligence from 1965-

Contributed By: t3chno1983.

CIA Database Computer Codes

On the Main Menu, and press the Aim and Shoot buttons repeatedly. After two times for each button, you'll break free of your interrogation chair. When you get up, walk around behind you to a computer. When you access it, enter the following using the on-screen keyboard.

DOAActivates Dead Ops Arcade
HELPDisplays a list of system commands in the terminal and Pentagon user e-mail access.
cd .. [enter] cd .. [enter] cd bin [enter] ls [enter]Get to root of directory and see all codes
DIRGives a list of audio files and pictures which you can open with the CAT command (e.g. CAT NoteX.txt)
WHOGives a list of login names for use with the RLOGIN function (but they require a password)
helloHello Brother, Hello Nurse, Hello Sailor
CATIt will list all of your audio files and pictures
mailShows List of CIA E-mail
LSTo LIst a directory (same as DIR but for LINUX)
TYPE "NAMEOFFILE.EXTENSION"To View a file in a directory using the TYPE command
3ARC INTELUnlocks all Intel in the game for viewing
3ARC UNLOCKUnlocks Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie Mode
ZORKUnlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Adventure (a text adventure game from 1980) for play in Black Ops
AliciaVirtual Therapist Software

Contributed By: dbcification, mariolover2, Hindean2, and JuggaloXploits.

Dream Land Login

Access the Terminal and enter "RLOGIN DREAMLAND" as a command. You will be prompted to login with MJ12 account. Use the accounts below

Username: "roppen", Password: "trinity"Login as Robert Oppen
Username: "twalker", Password: "thanksdad"Login as T. Walker
Username: "vbush", Password: "majestic1"Login as Vannevar Bush

Contributed By: macaroni338.


Frank Woods Gamer Picture

To unlock the gamer picture of Frank Woods, simply escape the interrogation chair by press the left and right triggers simultaneously.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Press left and right triggers while in the interrogation chair.Frank Woods Gamer Picture

Contributed By: Thegreatlark.

Jason Hudson Gamer Picture

Log into Jason Hudson's account on the terminal to unlock his gamer picture.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Log in as Jason HudsonJason Hudson Gamer Picture

Contributed By: Stevewins123.

Easter Eggs

Activate Secret Song in Kino Der Toten

There is always a secret song in every Zombies Map. For Kino Der Toten, you have to find the 3 Meteor rocks. The first is on a pedestal in the main lobby, in a corner behind the sofa. The second one is in the dressing room near some Dummies, this one is also on a pedestal. the final one is the room upstairs near the ally way. The rock is on a dresser type thing sharing some space with black marquee letters. These rocks while small are easily distinguishable as they have red veins. You must hold the USE button on your controller on these rocks until your character says something or the veins glow red. The song is called 115 by Elena Siegman.

Contributed By: tazerhater.

Nuketown Mannequin Secret

If you shoot the heads of all the mannequins in Nuketown then you will hear "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones play over the loud speakers.

Contributed By: NoBuIIet.

Play the song ''Dont Back Down'' by Eminem in Five zombie map

There are three red phones throughout the pentagon that ring and flash. The first is located where you first start after opening a set of doors in corner. Second is in the Pack-a-Punch room. The third is in one of the rooms after leaving the second elevator on the floor the power is on. Just listen for a cell phone type ring and follow it to the red rotary phone. Look at them and hold X till the ringing stops and you hear a busy sound. Once you get the third the music starts.

Contributed By: Fl2OZEN.