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Chaotic: Shadow Warriors



Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

Make 25 fully successful bonus Attacks during Story Mode battlesAttack Master (25)
Make 25 fully successful blocks during Story Mode battlesBlocking Master (25)
Win 20 Ranked MatchesChaotic Multiplayer Apprentice (20)
Win 50 Ranked MatchesChaotic Multiplayer Master (50)
Defeated the Shadow Takinom army in Fear ValleyDefeated Shadow Takinom (50)
Finish the game's Story ModeFinished the game (125)
Found Maxxor in GigantempopolisFound Maxxor (50)
Found the way into the Gothos TowerInto the Gothos Tower (50)
Find all the different Battlegear items in the gameMaster Battlegear collector (125)
Add all the different Creatures in the game to the Creature PoolMaster Creature collector (125)
Scan 20 Creatures in battleMaster Creature scanner (20)
Find all the different Mugic spells in the gameMaster Mugic collector (75)
Refine at least 25 CreaturesMommark's Apprentice (50)
Find 10 different Battlegear itemsNovice Battlegear collector (50)
Add 10 new different Creatures to the Creature PoolNovice Creature collector (25)
Scan 5 Creatures in battleNovice Creature scanner (10)
Find 15 different Mugic spellsNovice Mugic collector (25)
Add 25 new different Creatures to the Creature PoolProfessional Creature collector (50)
Found a way out of the Prison Cell in Mount PillarThe Break Out (50)

Contributed By: Guard Master.