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Skate 3


Cheat Codes

To activate these codes, press Start, go to Options, then Extras, then Enter Cheat Code, and enter one of the following:

miniskatersEnables Mini-Skater mode.
zombieEnables Zombie Mode. Pedestrians chase you, screen goes yellowish.
mcflyHoverboard mode. Trucks and wheels disappear from your deck
streetsweeperResets all objects in every area back to their original positions
deadspacetooUnlocks Isaac from Dead Space as a playable skater

Contributed By: Skate3Demon.


Unlock "Dem Bones"

Complete over half of the hall of meat challenges to unlock dem bones, a playable character with his own skateboard deck, oh and also, he's a skeleton!!!

Contributed By: Carlos_Powell.

Unlock Meat Man

Beat every Hall of Meat challenge to unlock Meat Man.

Contributed By: icemanx_88.