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UFC Undisputed 2010


Unlockable characters

There are 5 unlockable characters in UFC Undisputed 2010. Directions are on d-pad.

LB, RB, LT, RT, RT, LT, RB, LB, Y, X, X, Y, startUnlock BJ Penn alternate attire/ Black Trunks
Right, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, X, Y, Y, X, StartUnlock Shaq
D,D,U,R,L,D,Back,StartUnlock Tapout characters (Mask, Skyscrape, Punkass)

Contributed By: DodgerFan522.



Experience an entire 8 fight event card in Event ModeAs Real As It Gets
Win an Xbox LIVE Exhibition Ranked matchBaby Steps
Win 100 Xbox LIVE Ranked MatchesBlack Belt
Complete a post-fight interview in Career ModeBlog Fodder
Dodge 3 consecutive strikes via sway (Outside of Tutorial Mode)Bobbin' And Weavin'
Win 75 Xbox LIVE Ranked MatchesBrown Belt
Complete the Title ModeBudding Champion
No respect for your opponentCocky S.O.B.
Download an Event for Event ModeComing Up Next...
Now you're dirty boxing with Pride!Fighting with Pride
Collect all Topps® UFC trading cardsGotta Catch 'Em All
Compete in a Champion vs. Champion fight and also make the UFC Hall of Fame in Career ModeHall of Famer
Touch gloves at the beginning of 10 matchesHonorable Fighter
Win 10 Xbox LIVE Exhibition Ranked matches consecutivelyHot Hands
Is there a doctor in the stadium!?It Slices, It Dices
Win a fight by Submission against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1It's The Jits!
Win a fight by Flash KO against a CPU opponentKay. Tee. Eff. Oh!
Go through all tutorialsLearned Student
Reach "World Class" (Level 3) status with a technique or moveMove Mastery
Xbox LIVE Exhibition - Obtain all types of gold medalsOlympic Mixed Martial Artist
Win a Champion vs. Champion fight in Career ModePound For Pound Champ
Create a fighter in Create A FighterPuppeteer
Win a fight against the CPU with a fighter you've created in Create A FighterPuppetmaster
Win 50 Xbox LIVE Ranked MatchesPurple Belt
Complete the Career ModeSo Now You're A Fighter
Win a fight by KO/TKO against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1Steamroller
Win a fight with a Submission TransitionSubmission Technician
Play all modes at least once, check the shop and all optionsTesting the Waters
Win by all methods of stoppage against the CPU. (KO, TKO, Submission, Doctor Stoppage)The Cessation Sensation!
Win at least one championship in the Tournament ModeTournament Title Holder
Complete all A, B, and C class challenges (Red and Blue Corner)in a fight in Ultimate Fights ModeUltimate Unlocks
Act as a trainer in Xbox LIVE Camp TrainingUnder Your Wing
Complete the Title Defense ModeVeteran Champion
Join an Xbox LIVE CampWarriors, Come Out And Play
Win 10 Xbox LIVE Exhibition matches in totalWhite Belt
Win 25 Xbox LIVE Ranked MatchesYellow Belt

Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4 and Guard Master.