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Unlockable Classes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain max rank for the Rifleman and Sniper classes.Recon Class

Contributed By: Nightwolf-161.



Earned the rank of AgentAgent
Earned the rank of CommanderCommander
Get 100 kills playing the Gunner classExpert Gunner
Get 100 kills playing the Recon classExpert Recon
Get 100 kills playing the Rifleman classExpert Rifleman
Get 100 kills playing the Sniper classExpert Sniper
Get 100 kills playing the Support classExpert Support
Successfully crushed 30 enemies with structural collapsesKing Crusher
Earned the rank of LieutenantLieutenant
Earned the rank of OperativeOperative
Earned the rank of SpecialistSpecialist
Earned the top rank of Commander Tier 3Top Dog

Contributed By: Guard Master.