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Earthworm Jim HD


Avatar Awards

Clear the following conditions to earn clothes for your 360 Avatar

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Billy The BinEarthworm Jim Shirt
Beat Any Bonus StageSupersuit

Contributed By: superkyle1991.



Collect 500 atoms (without exiting the game)Atom Jefferson
Collect 100 atoms (without exiting the game)Atom Raider
Whip the banker twice in What The Heck?Banker Whipper
Kill Billy the Bin in New Junk CityBin Collector
Use the whip to swing from any moose head in Single Player modeCanadian Stunt
Clear Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting without losing a lifeEarthworm Never Dies
Be "No.1" in each Xbox LIVE multiplayer levelGroovy Leader
Launch the cow in New Junk CitySnot an Achievement
Collect more than 100 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)Space Collector
Collect more than 300 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)Super Space Collector
Get through Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting in under 50 minutesSuperhero!
Complete all the Xbox LIVE multiplayer game levelsWorld Partnership

Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.