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Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse


Unlocking endings

This tells how to unlock endings. Each one gives a title for the digital demon service.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Side with Lucifer in "Armageddon"Chaos ending
Side with Dagda in 7/8 MoonGod ending
Side with Merkabah in "Armageddon"Law ending
Side against Dagda in 7/8 Moon.Neutral ending

Contributed By: darkdeity9.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Horde Battle Tip

A fact not mentioned in the game is how the enemies of the Horde Race are somewhat weak to attacks that hit all enemies. Because Hordes are detected as being five enemies for the game's targeting system, despite sharing one unified set of statistics like HP and MP, you can use attacks that hit all enemies (such as Critical Wave, Mazio, Maragi, and Mabufu) to hit these Hordes multiple times. This technique is able to far exceed the power of your basic Attacks and numerous other Skills on many occasions by at least triple their norm, and is even more useful if you use a Skill element that the enemy is weak to.

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Secret Items

Old Save Bonus

In Apocalypse, you can transfer your old save from the original SMT4 on the start menu to obtain bonuses after you've been accepted as a real hunter (go to Database >> Inbox >> No. 00 "A present from everyone" to receive them). You can transfer from both the cartridge and digital versions. You are free to import your old save at any point during Apocalypse. Your rewards change depending on how many times you completed the game (to a maximum of 4) and how many endings you achieved (a total of 4).

Clear Bonus20 Point Card (up to 4)
Law EndingAgent of Order title
White EndingFading Legend
Base BonusParagon's Earring, 4 Bead, 2 Balm of Rising, Gold Death Mask, 4 Heavy Grimoire, Eastern Kingdom of Mikado background, Hero title, 40 AP to StreetPass
Chaos EndingRuler of Chaos title
Neutral EndingStar of Hope

Contributed By: TrooParannoya.

Area/Level Hints

Avoiding taking damage from poison tiles

In dungeons you will occasionally encounter pathways that are filled with poison. You may consider buying the app that reduces and eventually eliminates taking damage from poison, but, this is a much more easy way of dealing with them. Simply mash your weapon swing button (X) and you will move a step forward, but take no damage from poisoned terrain. Obviously this works only in dungeons and not on the world map.

Contributed By: NessCypher.