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Cave Story 3D



Fulfill these conditions to get the three endings.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Choose to leave with Kazuma after your second time through the Egg CorridorBad ending
Finish the escape sequence at the end of the game without going through the Sacred GroundsGood ending
Finish the Sacred Grounds areaNormal ending

Contributed By: Z6980.

Time Attack Mode

Time attack will be unlocked when you beat "Sacred Ground" stage. In time attack you can choose five of the six weapons and you can choose the number of health that you want. After that you can play the extra stage again.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
beat the final stage "Sacred Ground"Time attack

Contributed By: nasuae.

Easter Eggs

Prinny Cap

In the Plantation stage go to the "Rest Area" in this room go to the bottom where the water is, and go left through an opening in the wall until you reach an outside area called the "Inner Wall"* This place is dangerous and you will need the booster 2.0 for it. Struggle your way (and I mean STRUGGLE) to an area where you see a door at the bottom left but there is a wall between it, go under the wall and boost upward until you get to that door, once inside you will enter a "Secret Grave" with a huge "Prinny" statue at the center, examine the sparkly object to get the "Prinny Cap" this can be equipped over your existing cap. *Note* if you fall at anytime while in the Inner wall area its counted as a game over just like the "Outer Wall" stage, so make sure you save where you see the save points.

Contributed By: Maxmel2Dark.