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Fire Emblem: Awakening


Renown Awards

Gain instant and free access to these items after clearing Chapter 3 and having a certain amount of "Renown" which is gained by completing non-DLC battles [10 for Story or Skirmish, 50 for Spotpass or Streetpass battle, and various amounts for Double Duel]. They can be obtained once per file, and Renown is not spent by obtaining these items. Clear the final chapter to carry over Renown to new files.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
8000 RenownAlm's Blade
400 RenownBeast Killer
1800 RenownBolt Axe
50000 RenownBoots
1000 RenownBullion (L) [10000 Gold]
550 RenownCelica's Gale
3500 RenownDracoshield
330 RenownEnergy Drop
810 RenownEphraim's Lnce
50 RenownGlass Sword
900 RenownGoddess Icon
10000 RenownGradivus
7250 RenownHector's Axe
2600 RenownInnes's Bow
1500 RenownLeif's Blade
270 RenownLevin Sword
720 RenownLongbow
3000 RenownMercurius
9000 RenownMicaiah's Pyre
30000 RenownNaga's Tear
4000 RenownNoble Rapier
150 RenownOrsin's Hatchet
5000 RenownParthia
100 RenownSecond Seal
630 RenownSecret Book
210 RenownSeed of Trust
2200 RenownSeraph Robe
5750 RenownSigurd's Lance
1200 RenownSpeedwing
470 RenownSpirit Dust
99999 Renown [Max]Supreme Emblem [99999 Gold]
6500 RenownTalisman
4500 RenownTiki's Tear

Contributed By: Huff N Puff 20.

Unlock Lunatic+ Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on Lunatic.Lunatic+

Contributed By: Westbrick.

Secret Items

Extended Extras Menu

Unlocking the Theater,Support Log, and Unit Gallery in the Extras Menu.

Beat the game onceSupport Log
Beat the game onceTheater
Beat the game onceUnit Gallery/Sound Test

Contributed By: KenchiHouAL3.