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Shovel Knight


Name Passwords and Cheats

Start a new file and name your file with one of the names listed below. The game will tell you you've found a cheat code and warn you that using a special effect will disable Feats for that profile. It will then ask if you wish you continue. Once you select "Yes", you can enter a name for that profile and play the game with the listed special effect!

TRGSVPPWBig Shovel Knight
TVSVUEIOBig, Invincible, Color Changing Shovel Knight
X&BUTTButt Mode (Certain words and names replaced with "butt")
TR&FDNCDifferent Dance For Troupple King
IM&SGC14Iron-Man of Gaming Challenge (3:00 minute Time Trial)
J&!JSMPMoon Jump (3x jump height, 2x jump speed)
CVPYHAONPropeller Blade with Infinite Magic
J&2JMP!Super Jump (2x jump height)
Adam10unlimited Propeller dagger, Mobil gear and Throwing anchor and rapid fire

Contributed By: MTGxerxes, GamerboyCole, JosephLithius, The Sound Defense, YourWifeAndKids, and Adam100.


New Game +

To unlock New Game +, simply defeat the final boss. When starting up the cleared file, you will be asked if you want to start New Game +.

Contributed By: ChickenatorRob.

Plague Knight Playable from the start

If you don't beat the game as Shovel Knight, there's an alternative option to obtain. Input the code below.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Hold the (ATTACK) button down (default is Y), and input: UP UP RIGHT DOWN LEFT LEFT, and then release the (ATTACK) button.Early Plague Knight

Contributed By: CosmoKirby87.

Easter Eggs

Yacht Club Games Logo

In King Knight's stage, immediately go left. You'll find a place with a music note and four statues. Go to the right side of it, and jump up and hit the top part of the building to reveal a nice logo.

Contributed By: GamerboyCole.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Easily Defeat Tinker Knight

In the first phase of the Tinker Knight fight, attack him with the Mobile Gear and he will be instantly defeated.

Contributed By: ChickenatorRob.