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Pokemon Battle Trozei


Extra Zones

By completing the game (the final level being Zone 10-04), you will unlock two new, special zones for you to play. Zone 12 is special in that the speed in there is around 50% faster than usual, which makes matching Pokemon harder as you have to go much faster. Zone 13 will also be unlocked; it is a zone where the levels are endless and your main reason for being there is to get a high score. (Note, however, that Zone 13 still allows you to successfully Trozei Pokemon you've yet to Trozei.)

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Play Data Card Crowns

Accessible from the title screen via the middle option on the bottom, the Play Data Card is mostly used to keep track of certain records in the game. However, as you bypass certain milestones, you will get the statistics highlighted and a crown placed next to them, and then the card will also change color with every two crowns you gather. The approximated milestones are below

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear 10 or more Trozei BoxesCleared Trozei Boxes
Exceed a score of 100,000 on a single stageHigh Score
Have a combo of 50 or moreLargest Combo
Play for ten or more hoursPlay Time
Fully complete the Pokedex (100%)Pokedex
Beat all 72 stagesStages Cleared
Get 100 StreetPassesStreetPass

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

Zone 11 - Safari Jungle

The Safari Jungle is a unique area in the game that contains different Pokemon in each of its three stages on different days - you won't find the same Pokemon on Monday that you did on Sunday, for example, but the Pokemon on Monday in the same stage are always the same. (Pokemon Battle Trozei uses the Nintendo 3DS calendar to determine the day, by the way.) You will unlock a new stage in this Zone by completing Zone 3, another by finishing Zone 6, and the final stage by completing the game, with the difficulty in each stage increasing also.

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.