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Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls

The Ranking

67.65% Overall Rank: 12240
3DS Rank: 245
2016 Games Rank: 12216
2016 3DS Rank: 245
Score based on 17 reviews


Watch out! The strangely charming troublemakers, Yo-kai, are back for an all-new adventure! Find, befriend, and battle more than 350 new and returning Yo-kai. Hop on a train to seek out new towns and new Yo-kai. Teaming up with the heroic cat, Hovernyan, travel back in time to save Springdale, and witness the origin of the Yo-kai Watch! As the cause of all of life's troubles, Yo-kai are hiding everywhere! Explore the seaside town of San Fantastico or the sleepy village of Harrisville in search of new Yo-kai to befriend. Then time travel 60 years into the past with a new hero - Hovernyan - to ensure the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero is created and your timeline is preserved! For the first time, battle friends* online or via local wireless to earn rewards for the main adventure. To earn more, guide a Yo-kai through an all-new 4-player co-op action mode! Plus, you can trade Yo-kai Medals with friends, too! Collect, detect, and connect real-world Yo-kai Watch YO-MOTION medals,** for use with the Hasbro produced Yo-kai Watch Model Zero watch**, and scan the codes on the back of the medals to get in-game content, like new Yo-kai, items, or other bonuses. -Embark on an all-new adventure in Springdale with more than 350 new and returning Yo-kai to discover and befriend-each with a unique look, personality, and Soultimate Move -Assemble your team of 6 Yo-kai on your Yo-kai Watch to battle troublemaking Yo-kai, solve people's problems, and end a civil war between competing Yo-kai factions -Touchscreen-based battle actions initiate powerful Soultimate Moves, purify inspirited Yo-kai, and heal your Yo-kai -Ride trains to new surrounding areas, such as the countryside village Harrisville and seaside town of San Fantastico -Travel back in time to discover the origin of the Yo-kai Watch and meet Classic Yo-kai from 60 years ago -Befriend different Yo-kai depending on the version you play -Team up with up to 4 players in Yo-kai Watch Blasters, an all-new action-based local multiplayer mode* -Connect via the StreetPass feature with other players to discover Yo-kai you haven't found in your game yet -Challenge your friend's team over the Internet* or local wireless in 2-player multiplayer battles -Use the Yo-kai Cam to snap photos of your friends, and see what Yo-kai theyre like -QR Codes and Passwords will offer you in-game coins; use them on the Crank-a-kai to have the opportunity to get hard-to-find Yo-kai or other items -Get one of three special Yo-kai (Buchinyan, Noko, or Komasan) by using data from the original YO-KAI WATCH game -Additional quests and activities like bike races, Gate Globes, Baffle Boards, and more! -The initial production run of the physical version of the game includes an exclusive Yo-kai Medal from Hasbro that gives Jibanyan a powerful new in-game Soultimate Move when scanned into the game
Release Date: September 30, 2016

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