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Fur Fighters


Dead and Alive

On the subway to New Quack City touch the end of the open
door it will close and it will say ''You Fluffed It.'' Don't touch anything. You will then arrive in New Quack City with
0 health and you can't change characters.

Contributed By: goober fish.


Mini Game Bonuses

Beat a mini game and you will get the following bonuses.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bear AttackAlternate voices
Bomber BearBig head mode
Super SnakeFish-eye
Snake ClassicRocket camera
Block PuzzleRotation camera
Balloon LiftSmall character

Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.

Unlock Thin Mode

Complete the maze in the Temple of Gloom to make all the characters incredibly thin.

Contributed By: falsehead.


Ammo Boost

To get an Ammo Boost (New weapons you get will be fully stocked with Ammo), Revisit the boss, Claude.

Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.

Auto Aim

To Unlock Auto-Aim, re-visit the boss, Gwyneth.

Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.

Health to 100%

To get health to 100%, revisit the boss, Juanita.

Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.


To get invincibility, revisit the boss, Viggo.

Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.