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Omikron: The Nomad Soul


Love Scene with Different Characters

In the love scene with Kay'll and his wife, you can change to different characters during this scenerio.

BE WARNED - You cannot continue progress if you do this trick, reccomend you try this on a seperate file.

First, start up a new game. After the intro rolls, look at the map. On the North-western part of Qalisar, around the street area. There should be a huge temple there.

When you see it, go through the doors and you'll be in a semi-trashed room. From where you're facing walk ten steps forward, turn right, and take ten more steps. You should be facing a wall, and if you press action button, a panel on the floor should open.

Go to the panel and find Reincarnation Spell, Mana, and Jafa'yl's Parchment.

Now, go to any part of the city to host a new body with the Reincarnation Spell. A girl reccomended. ;)

Proceed to call a slider afterwards and head for Kay'll's apartment. Enjoy the cuttscenes that follow.

Contributed By: Kensuke NOL.