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Sonic Adventure


Infinite Health

Place a Chao in the VMU and change its name to the following:

1234567Infinite Health

Contributed By: DagothUrReturns.


Play Emerald Course in chao race

Beat the rest of the four courses. Note: Don't delete your your chao data or else you will have to do them again.

Contributed By: Tanno.

Unlock characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Talk to her in the Casino as Sonic after finishing Sky Chase.Amy
Defeat Chaos 6 as Sonic.Big
Defeat Gamma after finishing Sky Deck as Sonic or Tails. An alternate way to unlock him is to finish Twinkle Park as Amy and watch the FMAs after it.E-102 Gamma
Defeat him after finishing Ice cap as Sonic or Tails.Knuckles
Finish the C mission of Emerald Coast action stage as Sonic.Miles Tails Prower
Finish the game as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big and E-102 Gamma. Super Sonic will be avaliable only in Adventure Mode.Super Sonic

Contributed By: Ryusuke Sakazaki.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game with every characterSuper Sonic

Contributed By: JPeeples.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
On top of a rock on Angel IslandAncient Light (Sonic)
In the Weapon's Armory on the Egg CarrierBooster (E-102)
Walk up the steps in the hotel, press the two buttons and use light speed dashCrystal Ring (Sonic)
On a ledge over Big's houseFighting Gloves (Knuckles)
In a hole in the ceiling in the sewer behind Twinkle ParkJet Anklet (Tails)
In the Restricted room on the Egg Carrier after it crashesLaser Blaster (E-102)
In the entrance to IcecapLife Belt (Big)
Find it in the sewer (not the onebehind Twinkle Park)Light Speed Shoes (Sonic)
Beat your own high score on Hedgehog Hammer after the Egg Carrier crashesLong Hammer (Amy)
Under the bed at Big's hutLong Rod (Big)
In the sewer behind Twinkle ParkLure Upgrade 1 (Big)
Under an sheet of ice in IceCapLure Upgrade 2 (Big)
In a cave in the forestLure Upgrade 3 (Big)
In one of the jail cells on the Egg CarrierLure Upgrade 4 (Big)
In the flashback with TikalRhythm Badge (Tails)
In the tunnel inside the tunnel where you find the cart to the Mystic Ruins Chao GardenShovel Claw (Knuckles)
Beat Eggman's high-score on Hedgehog HammerWarrior Feather (Amy)

Contributed By: Chaos_Control7.

Easter Eggs

Alternate Snowboards

Press X immediately before entering the snowboarding portion of the game to get a blue snowboard or B for a yellow snowboard.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Experience a short NiGHTS homage.

While playing with Sonic in Casinopolis, go to the pinball game with the NiGHTS motif. Hit the three little purple point givers in order to open up an entrance at the top of the board. Then make your way through the secret entrance. You'll now be in another NiGHTS motif pinball game. Whenever you fail to catch Sonic with the bumpers, don't worry about losing a ball. Instead, Sonic will be transported through a world very familiar to the NiGHTS level Splash Garden. You can even see NiGHT and pians!

Contributed By: Felix Arabia.


Chao puzzle

You must have 3 controllers and the 3rd one must have a memory card for this to work. Start up the game with all 3 controllers plugged in and get into Adventure mode as any character. Now press START on the 3rd controller. Something on the memory card's screen will come up saying "CHAO PUZZLE". Press START again to begin. It is a 3x3 slider puzzle with a random animated Chao doing something for a picture. Use the D-Pad to select the piece you want to move and press A to move it into the open area. You can also move two pieces at once. Press B for a different puzzle. Press START again to quit. There are 15 levels and every 5 you complete there is a congratulatory message from a Chao. After you beat the 15th it will start you at level 1 again.

Contributed By: GameFreakMania.

Clean Pause (any mode)

Pause the game and hold X + Y to clear the game of the pause screen.

Contributed By: NTsui.

Flip Both Flippers

In Casinopolis in the pinball machines, both flippers can be flipped at once by pressing the A button.

Contributed By: DeepFriedBurger.

Hidden Sonic Adventure Art

You can find some cool hidden Sonic Adventure arts made by SonicTeam themselves by putting the GD-ROM inside the computer's CD-ROM drive. Access the folder inside it and view the .bmp pictures there!

Contributed By: CChan.