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Virtua Fighter 3tb


Secret Codes

Highlight Akira, press Start, highlight Lau, press Start, highlight Pai, press Start + X, then choose your characterAll Enemies as Alphabet Character
Press Y + A + Start at the character selection screen in Training mode.Fight as Silver Dural
Highlight Akira, press Start, highlight Lion, press Start, highlight Pai, press Start, then select your characterPlay as Alphabet Character
Press Down, Up, Right, Left + Start (on character select screen)Play as Dural
Press X + A + Start (on character select screen in Training Mode)Play as Dural (Training Mode Only)

Contributed By: moronjoe, freakunique, ATadeo, NiGHTS Man Rick, and KasketDarkfyre.


Change Backgrounds

For alternate backgrounds in Team Battle or Normal modes, when selecting the stage, hold the START button. For the "Dural" backgrounds in Team Battle mode, when selecting the stage, highlight the desired stage, hold the START button, and then let the timer run out. Note that this trick will not work for Aoi's stage or the Underground stage. Also note that using this trick results in alternate music for all stages except Jacky and Lau's stage. For the "Dural" backgrounds in Training mode, when selecting the stage, hold either the START button or the X button. For alternate backgrounds in Training mode, when selecting the stage, hold both the START and the X buttons.

Contributed By: NiGHTS and Darkside_Hazuki.

Clean Pause

During a fight, pause the game and press X + Y.

Contributed By: BongoGoku.

Different Costumes

To play in a character's different costumes, press the Start button and then select your character with the A button.

Contributed By: CChan.

Play as Dural in Training Mode

In Training Mode, select any characters for you and the CPU. When the game asks you to select an arena to fight in, highlight the Train Station (Sarah's background) and press B. You'll be back to the character select, and the CPU's character will be Dural. Press B again to select Dural as your character.

Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

Remixed Intro Song

At the Sega logo screen, hold Start on both the first and second controller. Keep holding both buttons until you hear the music play.

Contributed By: XGlite015.

Secret Win Pose for Jacky and Kage

When playing as Jacky or Kage, after winning a round and before your win pose, hold DOWN on the controller and the GUARD, PUNCH and EVADE buttons. Your character will perform a "V for Victory" sign. Also, if you're playing as Kage in his 2P costume (the outfit with silver pants) and you achieve an "Excellent" victory on Akira's stage, perform the secret win pose. A metal pan will drop on Kage's from head out of nowhere.

Contributed By: XGlite015 and Darkside_Hazuki.

Select Victory Pose

After defeating your opponent, press G, P, K, escape or a combination of two keys to select your victory pose.

Contributed By: NiGHTS.

Strange Snowman

At the character select screen, pin Shun against himself, and choose the level Wolf. Get an excellent rating in the fight with Shun's back to the dark sky; the camera will pan over to reveal what appears to be a snowman, rather out of place in this desert level. The significance of the snowman is unknown.

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

View the Ending Movie

Once you get to the 9th round the ending movie will be viewable in the History menu.

Contributed By: BongoGoku.