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Resident Evil Code: Veronica


Obtain Alternate Claire in Battle Game

Complete the main game to obtain Battle Game. Then complete Battle Game once with Claire Redfield, you obtain Alternate Claire Redfield.

Contributed By: Mysticcat.

Obtain First Person Mode in Battle Game

To get the First Person Mode in Battle Game, you remember to grab Alfred's Sniper Rifle before escaping with Steve. Then you'll have this mode in Battle Game.

Contributed By: Mysticcat.

Obtain Submachine Guns as Chris

Give Rodrigo the Hemostatic Medicine and the Lighter, when you play as Claire. Then, as Chris, kill the Gulp Worm so that it spits Rodrigo out. He will give Chris the Lighter. Use it on the little torch in the first room you control Chris as and you get secret Submachine Guns.

Contributed By: cvxfreak.

Play as Steve in Battle Mode

To play as Steve in battle mode, complete the game collecting the Gold Luger, and put it in the item box (or keep it in your inventory if you want...). Once you do that, save our progress, then you can play as Steve in Battle Mode.

Contributed By: Undrtakr.

Play as Wesker in Battle Mode

To play as Wesker in Battle Mode, just complete the battle game with Chris. Now you can play as Wesker in Battle Mode.

Contributed By: Undrtakr.

Unlimited Rocket Launcher

You must finish the game and obtein a Ranking "A".

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish the game with Ranking "A".Unlimited Rocket launcher

Contributed By: diesonne.

Unlock Battle Mode

Complete the game with any ranking and Battle mode will be automatically saved to the VMU, making it selectable at the main menu.

Contributed By: CChan.

Unlock First Person Mode

Finish the game on easy or normal difficulty.

Contributed By: BongoGoku.

Easter Eggs

Extra Battle Game Animations

With Chris, Kill both hunters in the locker room and then go back to the mirror. Chris will fix his hair.
With Chris, Go to the sterile room and check the Tiger Statue. Chris will do a funny action that he thrusts his hand into the tiger's mouth.
With Chris, go to the Vending Machine in the Locker Room. Steve will make an extra animation.
With Claire, After killing the zombies in the frozen Antarctic Base hallway, run back towards the beginning and claire will shiver. It's no wonder with that skimpy outfit she's wearing.
As Steve, Try to get a drink out of the soda machine near the casino room. Steve will get angry and kick the machine.
As Wesker, examine the corpse in the morgue after killing the zombies. Wesker will tilt his glasses and look disgusted.

Contributed By: WeskerFan.