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Daytona USA


Mirrored Tracks

At the selection screen, hold start while choosing a circuit.

Contributed By: Captain Doormat.


Pywackett Barcheta Super

Select the Pywackett Barcheta and go to a simple track like 3-7 Speedway or Circuit Pixie. Reduce the number of laps to two. When the race start turn around and complete the race in reverse.

Contributed By: Takenover83.

Rule of the 9th

Set 1st place records in single player mode on each track and on each variation. Make sure the laps are on fixiation.

Contributed By: Takenover83.


Come in first place in points on the final championship stage(King of Daytona)

Contributed By: Takenover83.

Unlock net-battle car

Accumulate 100 hours of game time to unlock it

Contributed By: IanW.

Unlock Pywackett Barchetta

In order to unlock this car you must simply finish three seven speedway in any position in single race mode with all 4 original cars.(Hornet, Grasshopper, Lightning, Falcon)

Contributed By: Gamejunky2001.

Unlock Red Cat

To unlock the Red Cat car, simply win one race online.

Contributed By: Gamejunky2001.


Race at sunset

Choose any race with any options. At the ''Start Your Engines'' screen, hold down both the gas and brake until the screen fades out. The race will take place at sunset. You're rewarded with some really cool cloud effects.

Contributed By: Ke6dRt.

Turbo start

When the race begins keep the revs in the yellow zone (highest point) then as the countodown says ''2'' press brake, then when ''1'' turns to ''go'' let go of the brake and hold down accelerate and you should boost forward.

Contributed By: IanW.