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Shenmue II


Own a duck to use in duck races

After the cutscenes when you've finished catching leaves at the temple for the first time, go back and try it again.
If you catch 4 leaves all together (not in a row but actually all at the same time), you will hear a 'quack' and a feather will drop from the tree. Catch it (be ready because it's fast!) and Ryo will notice a duck in the tree.
Choose 'catch' from the selections that appear and then watch a funny (if not incomplete) cutscene.
The duck will then be yours for use in the duck races.

Contributed By: SailorDDR.


100 Missiles In Afterburner

Get to the third level and press Left + X. Your missile count will increase by 100.

Contributed By: ThePreacher.

Bad/Alternate Ending

To get the bad/alternate ending, you must play the game up until June 31st, 1987. At the end of this day Ryo will get into bed and it will occur. A good way to quickly get it is to keep failing the QTE at Zhangyu Barber's.

Contributed By: ThePreacher.

Clear Pause Screen

To clear the pause screen, simply pause the game and press X + Y.

Contributed By: Incremus.

Free Rent

At the Come Over Guest House, leave and don't pay. Then stay out until 11:00 PM.

Contributed By: AVexer.

Omake "Mode"

Put disc one in your PC CD-ROM drive to enter the ''Omake mode''.

Contributed By: mucals.

Video of Shenmue on Saturn

Beat the game and after the credits you'll be able to watch a video of Shenmue back when it was a Saturn game before it was switched to DC from the arcade section of the Shenmue Collection.

Contributed By: NekoFever.