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Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully complete survival mode with any characters, Beat the game using no continues.All Artwork
Complete the game with any character to get their ending artwork.Ending Artwork

Contributed By: XPLICIT187 and Ryuji-Yamazaki.

Secret Sequence

Beat the survival mode without any continues. And the secret video will appear

Contributed By: Ryuji-Yamazaki.


Random select

Hold down the start button on the character selection screen for a random select. Press any other button to choose your character.

Contributed By: FighterX.

Selecting Kain and Grant

At the character selection screen, highlight either Rock and press left or highlight Terry and press right. You should see Grant if you started from Rock or Kain if you started from Terry. (Or vice versa... not too sure about the right order ^_^U)

You can start from either character and press left or right twice to select either sub boss / boss character.

Contributed By: Fei Yuki.

True Ending

Complete the game with all your Skill Levels on AAA or higher.

Contributed By: XPLICIT187.