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Plants vs. Zombies



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn a trophy in every minigameAttention Deficit
Fill out the Plant and Zombie Almanacs fullyBook Learner
Get the Tree of Wisdom to grow to 100 feet (it'll cost $247,500)Cerebral Canopy
Blow up 10 zombies at once with one Cherry BombDemolitioner
Beat a pool level without using aquatic plantsDon't Drink the Water
Grow 10 plants in the Zen Garden fullyGreenhouser
Beat a very foggy level (4-3 for example) without using planterns, torchwood, or blowersNebulaphile
Beat a nighttime level without obtaining any sunPhotosensitive
Complete Adventure ModeResolute Homeowner
Spend $25,000Shopping Spree
Play Download Play: Multiplayer onceStreet Team
Earn a trophy in every Puzzle Mode game (except Endless games)Think Hard
Earn a trophy in every Survival Mode game (except Endless)Tough Beans
Beat a roof level without catapult plantsUnsiege Mentality

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.