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Harvest Moon DS


Make Mine Monsters Missing! (JP Version Only)

On any level in the mines, save your game and turn off the DS, then restart it and load your data. You will load onto the floor you saved on, but all monsters will be GONE. Please note, if you progress any further in the mine, all new monsters will sometimes be INVISIBLE, but are still there (the mines reset after you leave, so it isn't permanent). This is really useful when getting to deep floors and being able to get tons of items hassle free.

Contributed By: adhesivespatula.

Easter Eggs

Memory Game

Early in the morning at 6 AM when you first wake up, step outside the house and immediately come back in. Inspect your clock to see if it says "6:01." If it does, inspect the set of records on the shelf to begin a very challenging memory game! Beware, as you must have a sharp mind if you wish to beat it without cheating!

Contributed By: CW Boi 209.

Secert RPG-Styled Game

If you inspect (press A) at 4:44 at night (4:44am), you can play a special hidden mini-game. It is an RPG where you battle the girls, and eventually the Witch Princess, in an all out battle until you or she faints. If you win, you get a special item called the "Battle Title" which you can you purely to complete the shipping list. If you lose, nothing will happen. Alsoo, your weapon will be whatever is in your current tool slot. NOTE: This will not make the girls mad if you beat them.

Contributed By: Supperman88.

Witch Princess 3-Bear Game

If you buy a TV from Van and interact (press A) with it at 0:00am (midnight), you will play a memory game involving 3 bears that hold colored sparkles and choosing the bear with the correct color. If you beat this 5 times, you will gain 100 LP with the WP.

Contributed By: Supperman88.